Abs of Fire Challenge Workout – Intense At Home Six Pack Exercise Routine

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The Forth in series of videos by Catherine Elizabeth based on Ballet, Dance & Pilates.
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Abs of Fire Challenge #Workout – Intense At Home Six Pack Exercise Routine

The Forth in series of videos by Catherine Elizabeth based on Ballet, Dance & Pilates. This 30 minute workout video is a workout of intense ab exercises to help develop a tight core and a six pack tummy. This is helpful for dancers, cheerleaders, ballet, or anyone that wants a great looking stomach. This workout is good for men and for women.

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PsycheTruth says:

Want more fitness? Check out Psychetruth Plus, 100's of videos not on youtube: http://www.psychetruthplus.com

Bhavya Sharma says:

Try Chloe Ting's two week shred challenge

Thanks me later 😊😊

Ankita Doshi says:

Can this excersice gives 6 pack abs in real? If done daily

ibtiseme says:

Can somebody give us her instagram or something I don't see her videos on psyche truth anymore and I love her workouts

Kinga Bogocz says:

At first I thought that there may be too much talking and explaining and that I would find it irritating, but in fact I love the way you explain everything to make sure we get 100% out of this workout! I thought I am advanced when it comes to abs but actually this workout made me feel like my abs is on fire. I've missed that feeling. Thank you!

Lauren Burns says:

Wow your videos have helped me

Sibani Hazarika says:

Can't even do one exercise🤣🤣

BulletProof The Enternal says:

Im a 13 yr old girl, i already have abs casue im very competitive and i just LLOOOOvVEEeEe proving the boys wrong😏😏😏😏

Tho i want to make sure i dont stop practicing cause it will go away if i dont😂😂

shivmalar nadar says:

Awesome. How often should I do It. Not everyday right?

Grace Karanja says:

How many days is this

Umm Idc says:

Is anyone els here cuz you’ve been eating the whole house everyday cuz of quarantine?

Neelum Afridi says:

I've been following this exercise for a couple of weeks now. I wanted you to guide me about a little something here. I take long breaks during the exercise, particularly in between side planks and the tuck exercise. Is it okay? Would it effect my exercise adversely? Also, I cannot rise up during the tuck exercise and during the belle first position exercise, if I do not rest for a while. The tuck position is particularly hard for me to do because it's pretty rare that I rise up on my own.

Anthoni Reyes says:

Im ashley and my birthday is in april 22

Sabra Shahid says:

How much time each exercise is done and for how much time?

JustKaattee says:

Who here tryna do this exercise because of quarantine

Flordelis Zorrilla says:

I need a abs

Meredith Mia says:

Good workout and explanation. Yes would love your diet tips too!

Aakash Rajput says:


Anchal Rathour says:

How much days it take

Ayushi Bansal says:

Her rib area look scary to someone else too?

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