Aerobic Workout For Weight Loss

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This home workout will help you lose weight by performing aerobic, cardio exercises that will boost your metabolism and bump your heart rate.

The result is that your body will burn more calories to sustain this effort – which will of course lead to more fat burn.

All exercises are simple and easy to do at home – all you need is space and motivation!

Remember that you need to exercise DAILY if you want to have good results, and also pay attention to what you eat. Eat healthy, and stay away from sugar and grains!

Make sure to subscribe to the channel and you will receive video workouts regularly – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Good luck and leave me a comment below, tell me if you could complete the entire workout!💪❤️

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Boom Boom Bang Bang says:

Nice i love it

G M says:

Great training!

प्रमिला नेरकर says:

I do this Areobic Weight loss and your 10 exercises how many days can I reduce my belly fat and Thigh fat..plz do reply..

Ajay Maithil says:

I do this aerobic I have flat tummy

Sagar Gaba says:

104 kg to 97 kg in 30 days with only this channel workouts for 25 minute per day

Jothilakshmi Durai says:

Iam trying from yesterday how many will it take to reduce

Mia Hickie says:

Hit a like if the workout really did work for you, because it did for me!

Fun with songs ardra says:

OMG !! It really worked out !! Cant believe. Give a hit on the like button those who are doing during this quarantine !!

christy baratita says:

oh that was really good workout on lockdown mode 😀, i perspire a lot and it’s not painful at all, i can do it everyday,,many thanks😀👍

LYFAO - We're Funny and We Know It says:

Thank you for some great ideas for my 80’s Aerobics Revival workout I am leading tonight. I love this stuff so it is so exciting to see it going back! YAY

Hoang Yen Fitness says:

aerobic workout 💕💕💕💕

Hiba Ashraf says:

I really want to loose thigh fat i tried thigh fat workout almost 2 months….plzz help me @robertasgym i m gonna try this too n I hope I'll loose my thigh fat in this…..i wish so…..

Partha Raja says:

best exercise for weight loss

Briceida Vasquez Santos says:

How many times a week can we do this cardio? Do you have a schedule in a week that helps you stay in shape?

Jyotshna Dutta says:

I am a 9 year old girl (almost ten ) …

Imran Khan says:

Hi i am using this actual cardio weight loss for 45 days regularly and within this time I have losses 12 kg, and I am still need to loss more 15kg and I am still working on that. So please give me any suggestions to achieve this, and thankyou for the workout video.

Navaneeth Goutham says:

Wha t is your name ?? If i knew it i would gove you a gift ,loveee you

Yashika Goyal says:

I am using many weight loss videos from your online gym.. I have begun losing weight as visible from my changing cloth fitting.
Thanks for your excellent videos.
But, I am facing a problem. I am developing some stretch Marks on my thighs. I am not liking it. Please give suggestions to overcome this problem….

Lovely G says:

Meary sy 5 min tak ki exercises hui ha
Phir meary heart beat bhut taz ho ghee
Agy ni ho seky

「白愛」ー 「ShiroAi」 Rei says:

Hey, i'm 14 and I never exercise.. I'm only 150cm in height but j weight abt 200pounds (100kg). I really need to lose 100 pounds(50kg) for my ideal weight. I want to lose at least 60 pounds (30kg) when I reach high school which is in 3 months (which means 10kg per month) do you think it's possible? If so other than this(I will still do this one) which one of your vids do u recommend for me to watch?
I need reply ASAP :") thank you so much!

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