Aerobics workout for beginner | weight loss workout | cardio | Vishal Prajapati | 2018

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My Regular batch Workout for beginner
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Aerobics Workout For Weight Loss At Home For Women With Music. Weight Loss Workout – The 3 Week Diet It’s possible to lose weight in a short time, in a healthy way. With or without aerobics exercises. For years the nutrition and fitness industry, doctors and trainers alike, has told us that is an impossible mission. Nothing more far from be true.

There are many healthy ways to lose weight fast, most of them unknown to almost all people. For decades, a long list of famous actors and sports stars has made impressive physical changes in a very short time.
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Following The 3 Week Diet, any person can lose up to 23 pounds (11 kilos) of belly fat in just 21 days. This representes almost 400 grams of body fat per day. And all this is done in a completely healthy and controlled way. In The 3 Week Diet Program, author Brian Flatt shows step by step everything related to diet and weight loss process.

The scheme does not require you do intensive workout programs, instead, you follow an revolutionary scientific method designed to counteract the causes of obesity.

This program is completely efficient and has years of scientific research behinds, which guarantees its safety. And it guarantees incredible results in just 21 days

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AROGYA MASH Fitness Center says:

Wow..i like it

Future SDM says:

My wait is 82
How many days follow this workout to get 60 kg
And i eat daily daliya
And hotwater
I don't eat chapti

Gayathri Bothsa says:

This is just amazing. Thanks a lot ❤ Is your branch available in hyderabad?

Trusha Patel says:

so suppap….lock down me harroj me ghar par hi ye karti hu…….thank you….

sonia sharma says:

Can a person with disc bulge does this exercise???? Plz let me know

Arpita Tripathi says:

Kya shoes pehen ke hi workout krna jruri hai??🤔

Ruth Gasson says:

This is easy to follow and practice thank you .

Herbalife Nutrition says:

यदि आप वजन घटाना या बढ़ाना चाहते हैं तो फोन करे 9812080306 8708885684

Bobbili sekharrao says:

Super exercise is this

Hari makhan Ghosh says:

5 year er bachcha AI exercise kortei parbe ki

Hari makhan Ghosh says:

5 year er bachcha AI exercise kortei parbe ki

Hari makhan Ghosh says:

Sir exercise or juga eksath Korba jainge Kiya?

piyusha mankar says:

Sir , song name please..??

Manoj Sheetal says:


Vijay Kumar says:

Wonderfull dance

Vino Vino says:

Ethu pana epa evulo weight loss agum solu sir

abi abimarch says:

semma G great job …..upload still more videos

Gagan Preet Preet says:

Excellent. I like it very much

Sanjay Bontawar says:

Plz upload with master trainer

Dr_ Strange0017 says:

I'm overweight if I do this exercise in a daily basis will I loss fat?

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