Arm Workout Without Weights At Home – 5 minute Arm Toning Routine

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5 Minute Arm Workout Without Weights At Home: Sculpt a Toned Upper Body // Caroline Jordan // For more info:

Get a great arm workout without weights at home to build your upper-body and core strength. This 5-minute video will challenge your upper body and help you feel amazing!

Getting an arm workout without weights is a solid way to put your muscles to the test. After all, the weight of your body is equipment in its own right—you can use it to load your arm muscles and make ’em work. There’s no heavy lifting required, and a gym membership is totally optional.

But it IS hard to work all of the muscles in your arms without weights, so equipment-free arm exercises are only going to be able to target certain areas, primarily the tops of the shoulders (the deltoids) and the triceps. Other arm muscles, like your biceps, typically need some external resistance to work against. The exercises in my arm workout video are definitely useful for hitting some key muscle groups when you don’t have access to equipment. Once you have plateaued from bodyweight, you will need to change it up and add resistance to see continued results. That’s when something like my Strong Body workout program would be a perfect choice – to help you continue to chisel a lean physique! STRONG BODY PROGRAM:

While these arm workout exercises are useful for anyone, no matter your fitness level, they’re especially good for beginners. When you focus on just using your own body for resistance (and don’t add weights) it’s easier to learn proper form, which can help prevent potential injuries that arise when you start lifting heavier.

As always, please check with your doctor or physical therapist before starting this or any exercise routine. Honor your body, move mindfully and stop if you feel any pain.


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Kakaidol says:

why is ur top so low cut? can i have ur milk?

chazz .-. says:

Anyone watching this in quarantine 👀

June Lam says:

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Kate Meyer says:

Can anyone tell me where her eyebrows are?😆
Love her arms and her positive attitude though.😘

Zefortuner says:

1:16 <- keeping for future reference

Isla Jackson says:

I’m here because I have to do a 5 minute handstand hold at gym tommorow

Becky Stark says:

My 19 month old tried to give me a high five everytime I did an "I Y & T's" and my 3 year old was under my when I tried to do the planks lol. 😄

Crackhead Kourtney says:

I’m actually a very self conscious 11 year old girl. I don’t like my arms. I decided to try This because I’m going on a vacation in a month. THANK YOU!
Edit: coronavirus canceled my trip! 🥺🥺

Simone Singh says:

1. Swing your arms up down and side
2. Lie down and lift up your arms and legs
3. Get in a plank and lift your arm at 90° angle
4. Push ups but go down completely
5. Swing your arms side to side while lying on your belly
6. Turn a side and bend your leg and lift them with your biceps
7. Backwards push up
8. Arms criss cross 5min

Risha Singh says:

How much time it will take to tone my arm!?

kirsty burns says:

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moi ami says:

thankyou for being so lively! Amazing workout 👍

Joy Musondi says:

i love you and workouts ❤️

Barbara Hill says:

What good energy

Samantha Brigitte says:

Am I the only one bothered by how she leans a little to the left?

Lolop Callulu says:

I often do planks but that plank modification is something serious!

Rx Sessions says:

Thank you this helped so much!!

ፋጨ system says:


Janice Marie Singleton says:

Thank you so Caroline. Peace, and. Blessings to you and your loved ones!

Aparajita Devi Dasi says:

Thank you so much ….I met a serious road accident …… and I was in ICU for 1 month and due to the road accident the muscles of my right hand and leg got very weak. So I was doing the physiotherapy. It worked for my leg but not the hands. So I searched for arm workouts and found your's. I started doing them from last three days and now I could myself feel strength in my hands and also some improvement .

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