AT HOME BACK BLAST (resistance band training) | Fouad Abiad

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Trying to keep you guys going this is the second video in the At Home series. Today we focus on back and this workout can really tax your back if you give it everything you got!

**For the full workout click the link:



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Fouad Abiad says:

To find my supplement line and the products I use before and during training go to
Thanks for watching and lets hear some ideas you'd like to see moving forward!

Renata Bianchio Bianchio says:


bow wow says:

what's the song in the beginning?

Thomas Conway says:

I/ve been inside a gym for the better part of 30 years. I'm now trying resistance bands because my gym was closed since 17-Mar-2020. I'm also having a knee replaced in August so it doesn't make much sense for me to go back for 6 weeks (app). After the surgery, I'll have therapy. What happens after that happens but I'm probably going to look for a new gym.
I had to tweak a few things but I found you easy to follow. Keep up the great work.

Kevin Benson says:

Hey real talk how does that work out been really work for you bid that the big guy that you are I have resisted band that I use or trying to use every other day especially for back work because my stress level has went down sufficiently and I'm doing all I can to build it back up now that gyms are not open

Guillermo Blanco says:

Thank you Fouad. the video is great, simple and clear instructions on how to do exercises.

Tony Curtis Blondell says:

Thank You, I have never used bands, and thought they were inferior. I see you and I will get them. Thank you again.

Hold my Ballz says:

Damn dude you got me amped up. I have bands in the house and have been using them. When you did the chest workout and how you used them around your back as a pressing motion really turned on the light bulb for me. I perform exercises but it was the same old exercises. You just put me on to new variations appreciate it.

mike smith says:

Looks like it's going to snap
How long do those things last before they do?

Shubham Manjalkar says:

Does resistant bands actually built muscle?

Cruel Sun says:

Thanks boss man! Appreciate you keeping it real ✌

Himanshu Pithadiya says:

Love from India Sir..
Ur tips are helping during lockdown. Great job Sir..
Following this routine with ur videos using resistance bands…

Shahrir Saltiga says:

Good video..keep it up

Michael Baines says:

I find this guy really humble. Thanks for the inspiration during these challenging times

Justin Stapleton says:

Get your fucking work done! 👊

Brandon Walker says:

nice work, sir.

juan carlos castaneda says:

Isolate the area we are working out.

Thaigan Lee says:

Now everybody going to invest in building a home gym. Great workout.

Marco Gómez says:


Günür Mollaoğlu says:

Helalll yapistirrr

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