At Home Butt and Thigh Workout – Booty Sculpting Lower Body Strength Training

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Aysha V.A says:

I loved this routine but I couldn't do the deadlift kickout because I have a pair of 'classic' dumbbells :'(. Still an amazing workout though!

MaraVt says:

I can't believe there were some hidden jump squats in a strength training 😅

incitanemxx says:

I always notice how much I'm actually sweating once I have to do an exercise on the ground… sweat starts to sting in my eyes and run over my mouth #notpretty 🤣

Rainbow Wang says:

Thank you Kelli!! #COVID19gymclass

Raghad Alqobali says:

wow absolutely the best lower body workout I have done!!!

kathi lein says:

This is probably my all time favorite lower body strength training, super heavy and super sweaty!💙

Alexa H says:

Am I the only one that can’t workout without shoes on? 😂😂

Sapfó says:

This is my favourite butt and thigh workout ever! I did this like a hundred time and still love it

Giulia Guarienti says:

You guys are a bless during my quarantine.

Maria Rocha says:

KELLI, you drive me to wake up at 5AM to get my workout done before work now. This workout is a great way to tone your legs and booty. I highly recommend utilizing ankle weights if you do not a set of dumbbells. KEEP PUSHING PEOPLE! 
Thank you!!

Kristin Bishop says:

Drenched in sweat. Muscles shaking. Workout Complete!

Diike says:


Sa ra says:

How tall is Kelli?

Suzanne Mayo says:

I just wasn’t getting that 2nd set of exercises with the pistol move.
On another note, I love the green workout pants.

amela farah says:

I read plenty of good reviews on the internet about how exactly Clegenatur Methods (just google search it)can assist you increase your breast size without surgery. Has any one tested out this popular breast enhancement method?

Jules says:

loved this!!! my body was not used tosome o the more unconventional exercises and I'm sure I'll feel this one tomorrow

Emma Pnk says:

I've been doing this workout for a long time, increasing the weights, but no matter what, with all that weight to carry, it hurts my biceps much more than my glutes x)

sana karam says:

#workoutcomplete 03.07.2019 kicked my butt 🙂

Eliana says:

A killer workout to start the year 💪. Last week of fb30r3 🤗 yayyyy!

k lars says:

I've been doing a variety of your videos for a few weeks and this is one of my favorites! Thank you guys so much!

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