At Home Core Workout For Beginners – 15 Minutes

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Hey Guys ❤️,

A nice little core workout for you to do on it’s own or add onto another workout! Less than 15 minutes, it’s comprised of 6 exercises done back to back with no rest (although if you need one just pause the video)! 3 rounds with 1 minute rest in between each!

Just a quick note on core workouts. It is really important to train your core to be strong and functional to support your body, avoid back pain and help with your posture, however, endless core exercises will not give you visible abs unless you have a low body fat %. Having shredded abs isn’t the focus of this workout, but nevertheless it is always worthwhile training your core! I hope you enjoy

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Exercises In Order:
Leg Raises
Reach Throughs
Reverse Crunches
Boat Hold

Have an amazing day everyone, you’re the best 🌟!

Lucy 😘 x

Filming Location: Primal Life Gym –

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Kavya Pandey says:

Really Thank you so….Lucy
You are doing great work

Anita Cheng says:

Thank you
You are such a good role model and you give me so much inspiration

Rithika Carol says:

I'm going to do this every day and keep you guys updated.

Day 1 (4/20/2020) – It was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. Remember to breathe.

Alina Belousova says:

Awesome exercises, the only criticism is the ad in the middle of it. It's interrupting the exercise itself.

Hashini Gurusinghe says:

Please do more videos like this where I can follow along with you!! perhaps leg workouts for the thighs specifically!

Love your videos! Simply disregard anyone who disliked this video! these are just haters I tell you and trolls.

<3 You are doing a great lucy!

Creeps MaPasta says:

me: Oh this doesn't look too bad

me after 5 leg lifts: o-o

Mol Gord says:

Hey Lucy would you be able to do a core work out that is safe for diastasis recti? I have it from pregnancy! I love how you are so real and raw and your transformation is actually attainable! Also thank you for providing work outs that are intended for people that are truely beginners with no equipment, it means there are no excuses to skip a work out! Thanks!

Pauli Ne says:

I wanted to check out your Applications for 1-2-1 Online Coaching, but the link isn't working? 🙁

Jocelyn C says:

Best core workout!! My core is so weak this was so hard I was sweating 😂 I spent too many years not working out my core bc I thought it would make my waist look bigger smh

Houyam JEBBARI says:

Nice workout, thank u so much!


Why people don’t like these videos when they have nothing but help people? Bunch of idiots

Sthep Liar says:

Holy shit. It’s for beginners, but I died in the first one.

Ludwika Czajka says:

Could you make some videos for different body parts, without equipment? Please ❤️ This one is great! You’re an inspiration:)

Beru says:

I have diastases recti can I do these exercises or not?

Jovelyn Banquiles says:

New subscriber here thank you so much. Im watching this coz i need to practice my core, i feel weak 🙁

Jovelyn Banquiles says:

New subscriber here thank you so much. Im watching this coz i need to practice my core, i feel weak 🙁

cherieellen says:

I did this core workout yesterday and I feel muscles in my stomach I have never felt before. Thank you for this amazing routine!

randi4321 says:

I'm sure I'll be feeling this tomorrow!

natali sharipashvili says:

This is the best ab workout i've seen so far!!!

divinesoul 1111 says:

Amazing workouts..😊

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