At HOME CrossFit Workout

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-PLEASE READ* This video was based off of what I do with my own workout routine. The purpose of it is to simply help those of you out there who want to keep up with the many new wrinkles of health and fitness. Plyometrics (jump training) is a very beneficial tool to strengthen your muscles, your joints, and the tendons and ligaments that surround them. I wanted to make a circuit training-type plyometric workout for you guys to keep it organized and easy to go along with. Make sure you are able to perform these exercises before actually doing so to prevent any injury. If you have any history with back injuries, etc, make sure you ask your Doc first! You are responsible for your own health and knowing your own capabilities. Please train responsibly!

So this circuit was a little different. I chose to set particular increments of time to exercises that I thought would strike a sweat best. The six different movements will work your whole body in a short period of time, pushing your body to its max. You go as the time goes so remember, DON’T QUIT ON YOURSELF! You guys can do this! If you can’t complete the round, it is ok to do as much as you can do, and then periodically test yourself more and more to build your mental and muscular endurance!

1. Stopwatch or Timer set to 3 min 30 sec (I used my iPhone)
2. Mental Strength
3. More Mental Strength

Alternating Knee-Raises for 60 SECONDS right into
Double Jumping-Jacks for 50 SECONDS right into
Mountain Climbers for 40 SECONDS right into
Toe-Touch Ab Extension for 30 SECONDS right into
Burpees for 20 SECONDS right into
Squat Thrusts for 10 SECONDS and that is 1 FULL round!



Leave me some feedback on how you guys did with this!
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deevan kumar says:

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MAFfin Gamerplayz says:

Is it weird that i push myself too hard?

Id be like:
60 Seconds is done
No that cant be that fast maybe i skipped something

chetna singh says:

Nice video….

David Cohen-Arazi says:

This is legit a worm up no muscle building

Mark Rodriguez says:

For beginners,I have to do them twice?!

Mad Hatter says:

Thanks for the video. Just the kind of routine I was looking for! 🙂

Yasmine Art says:

I need to start doing this !

Gokhan Keser says:

perfeckt. .t ü r k i y e..

fbi ric says:

Is this supposed to build muscle

F Style says:

This is so incomplete. No pecs biceps triceps shoulders and back work. This is not crossfit.

ااعصاابگ گگگ says:

This is cardio not crossfit

Tunnu Kumar says:

doing better

SpitfireJJ says:

I fucking hate the intro in every freaking video on youtube, get to the fucking point!!!!!!!

Ricky G says:

Whats the calorie burn of this workout??

SuperGreenwoman says:

Shall try this and hope shred pounds and back to my ideal weight

DARKNESS GAMER - داركنس الجيمر says:

Link of music plzz

Precious dela Cruz says:

Tried to follow this morning, cant feel my legs now. Thank u


You are very awesome man

Jordan Jones says:

This was awesome man! I decided to get into Cross Fit today, and wanted to start with something like this. Kicked my ass, and this all provided endless amusement for my girlfriend. Cheers!

Nthati Molefe says:

wowza you make it look so easy . I was done by the jumping jacks 😂😂 . New subie from south Africa 👍

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