At Home Hamstring Workout Video – Hamstring Exercises with No Equipment

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Melan8ed Goddess says:

Sad, I couldn't even do the last two.

Ankita Sharma says:

In the last exercise I tried to do one leg at a time

Queen pheonix says:

is this for flexible hamstrings ??

Ara Kushh says:

I suck at this!!!:( Why is it so hard?!?!?!
"Don't hold your breath". I try not to. It just happens:/

lilly roon says:

I can't do that last exercises, what can I do instead?

kiddynamite says:

Yeah she has stamina.. But hot as fuck no?

ქეთევანი says:

this is very efective workout . thank u for this <3 ^_^

Noot Noot says:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

lifetimeskater24 says:

I am amazed that people can move their bodies like this. I can barely get my butt off the ground for a double or single leg glute bridge. No matter how hard I press its like I don't even have that range of motion lol

Jamie Hulet says:

Excellent 👍😩🙏🏼

somasree dey says:

I have a stiff knee. After walking I feel stiffness in my knee.can I do these exercises?

Lamont Arnold says:

Added this routine to leg day
Walked home and almost got arrested for W. W. I.
Walking while intoxicated.
But I told the cop it was leg day.
He said I feel your pain!!!

Emilio M. M. says:

This was more glutes than hamstrings, and the last one was a lower back killer, I'd suggest doing that on the weekends, since that'll take some time to recover from.

Rqnm says:

Eazy peazy.

Matt The Resilient says:

The last exercise is beyond me!

Pinky Marie says:

Wtf how do you even do the last one? 😥

Kaydence Tassin says:

Does this make your hamstrings larger?

Pranav Anand says:

Some exercises are good in this hamstring workout, but not all. Especially not the exercises particularly meant only for glutes. Since this is a hamstring only workout it should probably define only hamstring specific exercises. Else it should just be a routine leg workout. Anyways your channel guidance is always appreciated and I really like a few of your workouts.

jaime sanchez says:

Outstanding…thanks very much…m/

Lewis Turner says:

Doubt I could do this

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