At Home High Intensity Interval Training – Cardio HIIT Workout with Fitness Blender

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chacalou says:

I swear it's impossible

karenno says:

That warm up was no joke

zeynep says:

just in first 10 min i burned 70 cals and im freakin dying

Beatrix Jinx says:

Oldie but holy shit

Vikawesome says:

This was one of the ones that made me sweat the most!!!!!!!!!

Jimbo Ward says:

Again–fantastic work out.  Tough on my 69 yr. old body :)–keep um coming!

khushboo Bangad says:

Oh my god did this today.. I m dead.. Lol

raja elayare says:

One of my favs!

Camilla BT says:

I have trained with your channel since the beginning of March, and this one is by far the hardest, I have ever tried. As someone said: It's pretty intense if the burpees feels like chilling! I stuck it out, but had to do jump ropes instead of butt kickers… I'll be back in 3 months and do those butt kickers, godd*mnit!!!

Suzy Perreault says:

Switched to single butt kickers and still drenched in sweat

consejero86 says:

Oh my, those butt kickers are BRUTAL!! Thanks ^_^

Amirah N says:

My favorite

Denise Simons-Morton says:

I chose this video because I was looking for high-intensity INTERVALS interspersed with RECOVERY. But, I have to say, the RECOVERY seemed to be missing–except for the two-minute break in the middle. Also, I had to do variations for several of the exercises because they were too difficult for me. I did hamstring curls alternating with knee raises instead of butt kicks. Also did some lunge forward then back on the same leg instead of flutter legs, followed by the squat. I did modified burpees–instead of hopping both legs back and then forward, did a step back then step forward (one leg at a time)–then stood up and did the alternating leg lifts. I won't be doing this one again.

Itati Villanueva says:

How am I even alive after this workout?? That last set of double butt kickers did the trick to keep me on bedrest for the rest of the week..

i dont like you says:

Ya over my dead body 😂😂

Lauren Solis says:

Hardest hiit I've ever seen for joints…

Hayley Scargill says:

I just completed this workout again, over 1year apart and it kicked my butt even more than last time! Loved it though! I’m a sweaty and stinky mess.

4 months postpartum with my second baby, so proud of my effort!

Jason Zisser says:

Holy crap! I barely got through the warm up. I'm 55 and moderately fit but this is going to take some work to do a full workout. I like these exercises though. Much better than stationary bike or elliptical. Anyone else completely crash and then eventually get through it?

The Egg says:

Good cardio but I was bored with repeating the routines after second round. So glad you have since added the timing bar and second counter. It gives the mind something to think about and strive for.

Valentina Graziuso says:

Double butt kicks are the new burpees RIP

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