Awesome Arm Workout You Can Do at Home with Resistance Bands

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Looking for an awesome biceps workout that you can do anywhere, including your own home, using only resistance bands?
Resistance bands are a highly effective tool for building muscle that also gives you the freedom to workout wherever and whenever you want. This video covers 4 arm exercises which can be done at home, at the beach, or while traveling!
If you’re looking for a complete resistance band workout, you can visit:

1:10 Resistance Band Arm Workout – Biceps Preacher Curls
4:25 Concentric, Eccentric and Isometric Contractions for Building Muscle
4:58 Resistance Band Arm Workout – Behind The Back Biceps Curls
8:12 Resistance Band Arm Workout – Biceps Reverse Curls
10:40 Resistance Band Arm Workout – Standing Biceps Curls

You can learn more here:

James Grage

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Facebook –


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Lightning McQueen says:

Is using 2 bands on the samehandle ok?

Free Fallin' says:

God I love this guy. Covid19 gym closure saviour. Thanks man, I really have had proper sessions at home and would never have given bands a second thought if I hadn't stumbled upon your channel. 👍

jeffa1961 says:

Hey, I am a newbie to bands. I notice he is wearing gloves. Does anyone know what kind he uses and maybe could recommend another one as well. Thank you in advance

The New Dawn says:

I am so happy to discover you! Your training is awesome super comprehensive!

bbyflip1 says:

I just ordered my set of the lightweight bands ! can’t wait to get ripped 💪💪😂 I really miss going to the gym tho !! and the indoor bball courts !!!

Blu F. says:

Where can I find a resistance band that doesn't snap?

eggfishy says:

Exactly what I was looking for, thank you! I'm new to fitness so I really like the explanations about the muscle groups, proper form, misconceptions, etc.

Simona Otp says:

Thank you James! His tips are great, listened to each several times since I'm new to resistance bands, but I wish he spent more time showing the exercise, or do half of the speaking while doing it.

Simona Otp says:

3:34 preacher curl, short head (thickness),
– anchored at chest level.
6:50 behind – the-back curl (1 arm), long head (peak),
– anchored at hip level.
9:30 reverse grip curl, bracchialis (power /functionality /indirect size),
– standing on it.
12:28 standard bicep curl, general bicep
– anchored low

3 sets for beginners, 4 for advanced
His repetitions are 20-10-10-15 but the general rule is 15-20 rep for strength and 8-12 for useless size.
Pick your path.

Ganymede says:

Great video with lots of great info! Just wondering for the reps 20-10-10-15, one exercise at a time or is it 20 of each exercise then 10 of each exercise etc? Also on the last exercise I noticed your elbow comes forward a couple inches but on the other exercises you mention to keep your elbow in one spot.Is this just because of that specific movement or is there a spot I should be trying to keep my elbow?

K3NNY0U BA5TRD says:

So much better then James Grage-Undersun Fitness. Dude is an imposter.

Slava Kolesnikov says:

Lift each day heavier than yesterday!

Prasus Magar says:


Bahadır Doğan says:

Thanks for the useful vid. What brand are these?

Daniel Levy says:

Hey @JamesGrage, at 1:02 you anchor your band. What's the reason you anchor it the way you do, as opposed to just looping the band right around the pole (i.e each hand can grab it's own loop)?

Julio Maldonado says:

Dude I started my band training this week and also got my best friend on it…thank you for this positive peer pressure during this quarantine…keep being great! Saludos amigo!

zack16 says:

James really knows his stuff. There's parts of your muscles I've never even heard of that he hits on. Resistance bands are a life saver during quarantine

Terrible Highlights says:

I bought the bands with the T2A Build I'm on Day 3 for the most the part the program is going great my only complaint is I feel the workouts could be longer but I'm going to stick to what is on the plan hopefully I will see a good difference the hardest part is getting used to bands and trying to get correct form but the program comes with videos to help with that so mainly I'm learning right now but I really believe that you could go all bands no weights and see progress if you get it I would recommend watching all the videos in the program before you start the workout it'll save you time wondering if you are doing it right lol but I decided to try this instead on spending money on lots of weights it all makes sense the way he explains everything and like a week ago I was on a 12 week all dumbbell plan I just had hit week 6 when my bands came in and I already feel like the bands are really better the way they feel like on biceps is awesome you can really feel the muscles working and contracting I can say if this goes good I will stick to nothing but bands Also you don't have to buy the exact bands he's using you can buy any set of loop style bands but make sure you get a very light one because I didn't think I'd use the one mine came with but I had too 😂😂😂

Alan Johnson says:

Such as good video Thanks …….

SIRINI100 says:

another great vid !! Thank you James!! stay in power!!

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