Awesome At-Home Back Workout Using Resistance Bands

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You don’t need a gym to build a muscular v-taper back. Using resistance bands and the right exercises you can get the same results at home as you would in the gym with weights. Here are 3 of James Grage’s favorite resistance band back exercises that you can do anywhere, including at home, to build a bigger, wider and stronger back.
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0:10 Best resistance band exercises for back, that you can do anywhere, including workout at home
0:50 How to use resistance band door anchor
3:00 Doing a resistance band lat pulldown for building that v-taper shaped back (lats)
5:00 The difference between a high row for building detail and thickness in the back versus the right way to do a low row for targeting more of your lats
5:30 Resistance band low rows
11:20 Resistance band high rows

James Grage
Resistance Band Training (RBT)

Tension Bands

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Typical IV says:

I like the workouts but you need to keep the talking a bit short we can't rest for too long

John Blaine says:

love this… Thanks James !!

Marco Ruschkowski says:

Your tips on form are just fantastic. Honestly, it feels like in every one of your videos I have at least one "Oh my God, WTF" moment. In which I realize why I was struggling with a certain movement or muscle just because my form was (sometimes just slightly) off.

Fleece Johnson says:

video starts 16:26

Brajesh Sehgal says:

Super content,man..Appreciated.

andrew wyatt says:

You too can get gains and keep them by using ….bands ..all those years of lifting heavy ? No need bands .. 90 kg latt pull downs from a band .

Ninja Kitteh says:

I really love how you make sure to speak slowly and to enunciate clearly, and use no music. It helps a lot when English is not one's native language, more so when learning a lot of new terms. One thing making getting into fitness hard for me as an absolute beginner is not understanding all the jargon yet. And at my age, learning simply is harder than it was when I was 20.

Loved the tip to try an exercise the wrong and right ways first to feel the difference, that will really help in learning all those moves, which for a beginner can be overwhelming.

Also, your style makes it easier for me, as an autist, to stay focused. So, thank you for not rushing, thank you for not being loud, thank you for keeping distraction to a minimum.

Robert Charles says:

i use ones from and its amazing and easier to use. I gain some pretty big muscle with it. get one for urself you will love it. Here is code for discout "10%OFF". I receive it after purchase

Kishore Chandrashekar says:

Thank you 🙂

Mr.Dave Blank says:

Big arms, small legs…

Richard Panini says:

What an amazing physique with just resistance bands!

josie kelly says:

How many sets do we do of each plse x

Abdoh Ash says:

Why can't I feel it in my lats even though I'm using a manageable challenging resistance?

Is this because of the variable resistivity?

Luke Bakhuizen says:

Who is here because of COVID-19?!!! – btw has a discount on at the moment use "30OFF" as the code. Not here to advertise, just genuinely bought from them as an influencer I follow had that as a discount code and I ordered the 6 pack from them and had them at my house in 5 days, most other stores online were sold out.

Jordan Clarke says:

I was wondering how to do a lat pulldown with these bands since there's no bar for the wide grip. But the one shown here looks like it'll work. I might not even need to buy a pull up bar. I have a shoulder injury so the bands might be better anyhow.

Bu Rida says:

RIP rich piana

Eric Mcshannon says:

So the referenced set of resistance bands is sold out. How do you find that style?

On Amazon/Ebay I find short circle ones 9-12 inch unstreached, and the tube style.

P Sorensen says:

Gym closed. Mounted four TRX anchors on the terrace wall and started your resistance band workouts. Such a better workout than weights/machines. Thanks!

Mohammed Nabih says:

Amazing, What about lower back?

Jerry Brainum says:

I sent for the bands to Undersun and paid over $100 for a few band but no Door Anchor. How can they sell just the band without the anchor, which means that you can't do any of the exercises shown in this video. Buyer beware!

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