Awesome Resistance Bands Shoulder Workout You Can Do at Home – Build Muscle Anywhere!

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Looking for a great resistance bands shoulder workout that you can do at home? These are some of my favorite resistance bands exercises for shoulders, along with some tips and tricks on how to build muscle using only bands. Train the right way, with the right intensity, and you can build muscle with resistance bands just like you can in the gym with weights.

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Resistance Bands Single Arm Presses x 4 Sets
Resistance Bands Single Arm Side Raises x 4 Sets
Resistance Bands Front Raise + Pull-apart x 4 Sets

-James Grage


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James Grage says:

Try this resistance band workout from the comfort of your home! You'd be surprised what can be accomplished with a single set of bands 👊If you're interested in the resistance bands that I use + a complete training program to help you build muscle and burn fat, here is a direct link to get you started 👉

Don Flynn says:

I was just on a program to get myself back into the fitness game after losing about 35 lbs then all this craziness happened so now I need a good at home solution. After research I found a set of one each..bands, tubes of which I can purchase one within current budget. I've started watching Jame's videos..very motivating and I'm leaning towards the bands but then I read conflicting things that tubes have more options and snap less? Confused as F. Eager to get into a routine and would be grateful for any feedback as I am ready to order. Thank you!

guardiangarasu says:

If you said it, I missed it. Did you increase the weight with each set?

Pete Bova says:

Bought bands 3 months ago dead weight was just to much, rotator cuff surgery 20 years ago elbow replaced on the same arm a year later, at 52 I ache I was skeptical bands sat their for a week, then I started, balancing issues at first, didn't realize my core was so week been three months now pump in my arms was suprising my chest and shoulder workouts are killer, thing I noticed was soreness push off from chairs the next day after triceps they would burn, I'm 5'10 198 when I started I was 191 kept weighing myself wonder where the extra weight came from, my girlfriend said I was bigger thru chest and arms I said no it's my gut is were the weight is she said are your pants tight I'm a nurse I wear scrubs most of the time or sweats, so I put Jean's on they were tight in the thighs and I lost a pant size, still use dumbells to change it up, keep my muscles guessing true believer if you would have told me 20 years ago that I was going to put on 6 pounds of muscle at 52 using rubber bands I would have said you were nuts totally suprising, thing with the bands is I'm not waiting for someone else to finish with a specific machine or bench, 4 times a week for 45 minutes, please with the purchase best thing I've done for myself in years

Arsh Smile says:

How much jame sir

Peter Nolan says:

This channel is so underrated.

tlr8611 says:

Ordered the TA2 build bundle. Shipped same day. Got it 2 days later. By far the highest quality bands I’ve seen at any price. Excited to get to work with your vids. Thank you

Danroyd Moore says:

Keep working out bro 💪💪💪👍

Gloria Ruiz says:

Hi James I have a ques for you I’m a 67 year old woman I have been pretty much active most of my adult life in the gym with light weights and machines do you think at this point in my life I’m safer doing resistance bands or continue with my gym routine or both

Game Tech83 says:

Can you do follow along workout and less talk? I like your videos but you talk too much

Bunnykisses1000 says:

If you happen to do any kettlebell training, you can use that as an anchor for some exercises…a 36kg bell is not going anywhere (well, for most people). Enjoying your content!

Jim H says:

If you think doing a shoulder press with an x-tra heavy band and the light band is easy..
Try it and post your video.

Octavio Diaz says:

I appreciate you putting these videos together especially during these crazy times where our gyms have been closed down.

A. William Arnold IV says:

This was great. Thanks.

Ron Stanley says:

would like to see some exercises for traps…thank you…

Maniblack 05 says:

I have been training for 10 years with weights and now with bands. I am growing even more with the right weight and tools. Remember to use a metal handle clipped on with a carabiner for the bands so you don’t need a glove and it feels so much better.

joe says:

I bought bands and adjustable dumbells right when the gyms closed. So glad I did. I'm starting to enjoy home workouts more than the gym. I can try new things without feeling judged. I can make all the weird grunting noises I want. And best of all I can work out whenever I want.

Bret Sandoval says:

Out of breath already…?

La Harris says:

I got my bands today and I impressed with just playing with them. These are the truth; I found myself grudging, he's not faking it😄. Sir, you're going to make me a beast & my joints thanks you.

sterling varkevisser says:

After the gym closed I bought resistance bands. I am now wondering if I'll ever go back to the gym. And I have been going for twenty years. Thanks James ,for your insight and knowledge. If you can look the way you do solely by using the resistance bands, then they must work. Been working out now for just about a month. Using different muscles and knowing that injuries will be fewer. Love the options, love the pump and the exercises you share with us.

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