Back and Arms Workout at Home No Equipment

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A quick and effective workout to target the back and arms.

This routine requires no equipment and can be done absolutely anywhere.

For best results, be sure to follow a clean, whole diet and to burn fat, add some cardio into your routine.




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Louise L. Nielsen says:

I love love love these videos, especially that you need no equipment which means you can just get to work right away. Now I hurt all over (I found muscles I didn't know about) which means it's working! Absolutely fab! Thanks!

Vicky Munoz says:

Getting married in less than 10 months, really need motivation to get myself toned before my big day.

Lacie Grace says:

I took the quiz twice but I never got anything. Will I get an email soon?
Did anyone else have this problem?

güzel isiñ says:

Doesn't she look like#LaurenGottlieb🤔

Rachel Leigh says:

How many sets?

z pua says:

Day 3 of my new arm routine. 💯❤🥺👉👈

Denise Grossman says:

Great workout! I really like the superman compared to punches. I really like that you incorporated lower body as well.

lois daniels says:

I have diastasis i am trying to close, i cant be in a plank for too long, i am sad

Dreama Graham says:

Who is laying in bed . watching to see if you doing this tomorrow..

Nelieta Penas says:

Is that effective for the age of 48 ma'am .😃😃

Queenie Matias says:

Wish I could lose weight just by watching her

Kat says:

I was smiling along the workout until the plankings started

Anju vaid says:

Punching one liked

Mansi Shirodkar says:

What happens after doing this

Kathleen Kupke says:

Thank you Holly!!!!! I did two of your arm workouts back to back w/o dropping my arms xoxoxox Quarantine fitness

Amber Baker says:

I just want to eat lots of chocolate now though

AJ PLAY says:

Is this gonna target bra bulge and back fat too?? : )

sabeen baqee says:

Thats the wrkout i was looking fr … Gud 😋😋😋😋 i like it

Mariana Grajales says:

I prefer the punches but also supermans are good

Marie Ellis says:

It works just give it about 4 weeks 2 times a week 🙌 👍 👍

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