Back Workout for Women (No Equipment)

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This routine targets all areas of your back, to give burn fat and give you a toned and sculpted look!



This week, we are targetting the back area. All these exercises included in this routine will focus on the upper, mid and lower back, to give you that toned and sculpted look.

No equipment needed, just you and a matt!

Here are the moves:

– Burpee
– Superman
– Snow Angel
– Swimmers
– Walk Out Plank
– Chair Arm Pull Downs

If you are needing to lose weight, then be sure to combine with a balanced, healthy diet, for best results. Let me know in the comments below what you thought, and what was your hardest and easiest move?

Love, Holly xx


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About how many calories are burnt here roughly?

Lyrian K Mata says:

Hi Holly, i am wondering how many repetitions is this routine suppose to have? Only this 2? Or maybe 4 sets? Pls. Let me know, Thank you!! 🤗

its me ya girl says:

my shoulder blades are BURNING! great workout , thank you !

Fitness Collective says:

This looks easy but it's requires great technic and endurance 🙌 well done 👏💓

Sato 990 says:

I love your plants next to that clean wall 😍

Prachi Kukreja says:

Oh god, this was good. Extremely hard, my heart is racing like crazy right now.

SpicesWorld says:

even an experienced runner like myself felt this workout lol Im going to keep doing this I can feel it burning my sides, Thanks!

Chloe McCoy says:

omg i’m dyingggg

Tatiana van B. says:

The swimming excercise is a good one! Really liked the work out video Love your work.

Runsprints4life says:

This lady is still responding to comments a year later! Your very dedicated! Great workout! 😇

Teacher TRX says:

These look great but some really hurt my neck

Laura Kristensen says:

my room is not big enough for this

Maggie Wright says:

Holly wishing you for a million subscribers?anyone agree?hit like.

Katie Hewitt says:

Posture correction is my goal these are really great exercises thank you

Andreea Budur says:

Does anyone know how many calories I can burn with this exercise? Thank you.

Emily Joy says:

Mkay 30 seconds in and I regret it 😂😂😭😭

Utomara Jessica says:

The last move was my fave😉😉. Nice workout! The burn was intense!

Aja Cavin says:

awesome workout

Joyanimalover says:

She had vains in her fucking back omg…

Eva Tycova says:

This is a great one, thank you so much

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