Band & Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do At Home

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What exercises can you do at home to build muscle? Can you achieve a muscular physique using no equipment, just your bodyweight and bands?

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Ronnie Genther says:

How heavy was your coffee table? I would be worried it came flying into my face! 😂

Luke Bakhuizen says:

Who is here because of COVID-19?!
Also if anyone is looking for some decent bands has some tube and long resistance ones. I have preferred using the tube ones recently because of the grips it makes it so much easier than using your hands.

Marc Santini says:

"You can't make your body heavier" mate my scales disagree with you 😭😭😭

Marc Santini says:

What is that table made from, did someone melt down mjolnir.

Hamza Mughal Fitness says:

Mike you are great

youngjhey says:

Can u do more home workouts for quarantine???

Johnny Macaroni says:

Then he goes to the gym and trains with 50-120 kg weights :))))

D Bechtel says:

Dude just spent 7 and a half minutes shitting on bands but never thought of adding more resistance to the bands or doubling up on the bands used.

javier peña3 says:

Con la música parece intro de nopor

Afghan Sher says:

James grage

Rainer Knappe says:

Hi Mike, where can I buy those training bands? I mean the brand you used on this video… thanks

Dave Culver says:

Lack of enthusiasm mate

jlsk01 says:

"the bands are only gonna supply you with fixed resistance"
One of the main benefits of bands is the resistance variation you can get, which varies hugely depending on your position from the band and where you are gripping the band…

Texas Crossbow Dude says:

Title is misleading because he trashes using bands. James Grage undersun fitness is the way to go. He has 2 channels

Shah Legno says:

It Corona time bring me here

kimmkroo says:

you have the typcial fake natty body, like that von vitaly the prankster achieved in just 2 months hahahaah

Ralph Mckellar says:

What bands do u use❤️jenn

Jonathan Bacon says:

Hi there, I wonder if you’ve watched James Grange who has a few years of bands only with a massive level of knowledge and experience. You’ve not mentioned anything about time under tension, creating the tension and isometric etc etc. Feels quite dismissive about bands yet those who specialise in bands have the results and techniques. Raising that point for those interested in learning more about bands that they don’t get put off from this video. Best J.

Erik Torngren says:

Best home workout video yet!

Bita M says:


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