BC's Band Glute Circuit

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This is a 7 exercise mini-band glute circuit that you can do before a workout for glute activation or after a workout as a burnout. Here’s what you’re gonna do:

1. Glute Bridge: 10 reps, 3-sec pause
2. Squat: 10 reps, 3-sec pause
3. Lateral Walk: 20 steps each way
4. Quadruped Hip Extension: 30 reps/side
5. Standing Hip Extension/Abduction: 30 reps/side
6. Seated Hip Abduction: 30 reps, 3-levels
7. Hip-Hinge Abduction: 10 reps, 3-sec pause

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anamarciana1 says:

Loved the video, thanks so much! Also, there’s a girl or woman writing comments on other people’s videos saying that YOU, Bret Contreras, believe that if we train the gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus we’ll end up with way worse hip dips. Is that true?

McKayla Siemon says:

I want to buy one of your sewn flute loops but I don’t know the weights of the regular or strong one. I’m pretty certain I am a small. But I would like to know the weight of each before I buy. I’ve used an extra strong rubber band in the past and that worked for me. I wouldn’t be using this much for squating and stuff I will use it for leg lifts and duck walks and such so a little stretchier. Thanks!!!!

Dawn Boychuk says:

Bret is awesome! 🦵

Cynthia Walden says:

Uh..may..zing. Amazing. Glutes are on fire. Thank you Bret

Sarah Bennett-Nash says:

Amazing Bret thank you

LadyLockdown 7 says:

Adding this to my glute home workout for sure!

Gemie Lopez says:

I love you already. Thank you so much for helping us women improve and work on our BOOTY

Scare Bear says:

My ass! Holy hell- thank you so much!

Shahid Channa says:

I need those bands

omaima salous says:

Hi Bret. Thank you for you videos. I have a question regarding glutes activation.

My glute area looks lifted during the glute exercise. However everything goes back to normal “saddleback” after ☹️.

I think I have a good amount of muscle mass, I am not looking to grow the muscles. I am hoping I can get them to activate the right way during functional movement.

I do external and internal hip activation, glute medius and max activation/exercises.

Is it possible to train my hip muscles to activate the right way during normal walking and standing.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Lavender Smith says:

I just bought his booook

Danielle Crawford says:

Always amazed at solid you are.. great tips and you look amazing

Sofia Larios says:

Omg on the band quadruped hip extension, I thought I was the only one placing my hands like that.. Bret you're the best!

Fatima Abed says:

Please put the translation in Arabic, thank you

Anne-Marie Lavallee says:

Just did it 🔥

Breanne Venn says:

Any recommendations for alterations to BSS? I was born pigeon toed and my feet angle inwards, they don't rest flat on the ground, which makes them nearly impossible for me. And thank you!

Rahab Song says:


Red Pill Vegan says:

Brett's "glute loop" might be a better option than these mini bands. I think that product was released after this video was made(?) Get one!

Jenna Seaman says:

You’re awesome I wish there was a glute lab in sf

M P says:

what is the best exercise for glute imbalance ?

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