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In this video, we will be doing a very beginner-friendly ab workout that can be done right at home and doesn’t require any equipment.
For a greater challenge, repeat this entire video for an a 16-minute ab workout instead of 8 minutes.
As always, being able to see your abs comes first through having a lower body fat percentage which is achieved mainly through your nutrition then by exercising your abs. Please see the attached videos below on How to Lose Weight/Fat for more information on how to lose weight/fat.

Russian Twists: 30 seconds followed by a 30 second rest
Reverse Bicycle Crunches: 30 seconds followed by a 30 second rest
Standard Crunches: 30 seconds followed by a 30 second rest
Leg Lifts: 30 seconds followed by a 30 second rest
Rest for one minute and repeat all the above for another round.

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Naomi Kong says:

Hey, babes! 👋🏼
‼️If you enjoyed this workout, be sure to also check out my FREE “Beginner Abs 6 Week Workout Guide” linked in the description above!
Have a wonderful week! 💕

Beth Lane says:

Love this workout! Alot of ‘beginner’ workouts have my dying this one was great! definitely going to keep it this up 💗

GeminiPie says:

I did this 100 time ;-;.I tried to do 1000 but was so sore

Natalia Pereira says:

I've been doing these for the past month and I'm finally able to have my legs elevated with ease during the Russian twists!!

Nina Zschach says:

this workout really was perfect, not too easy, not too hard, will definitely do it again!!

fay nikolaou says:

I absolutely love this workout👏

Hrithika Sarvodayan says:

I'm gonna try this for a month as well . Hopefully I dont give up in a day 😅
Day1- felt pretty unfit , but I finished it . Probably 1 of the only ab workouts I've ever finished 😂😅

Selin Xxx says:

The first workout in my life which is actually pretty fun 😅

I‘ll do this everyday 🙂 Thank you sm 🥰❤️

bradfordsbadboy says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO! Finally a beginner level workout that is ACTUALLY beginner level.

Lucia S says:

Ur so pretty even without the makeup!

Kayleigh James Nicholson says:

I love this workout!❤️

Winter Bear says:

people who tried this, I have a few questions 💜✨

1) does this actually work??
2) how long have you been doing it, how many days a week??
3) how long did it take to work??
4) is this good for people who have 0 experience with this??

That's all I think 😄

bobby says:

lmao i can hear my bone move every time i do the reverse bicycle crunches

bobby says:

im here taking a break from chloe's workouts lol i feel like im cheating on her sorry chloe

Emily Stutts says:

I downloaded a app and did 250 workouts

falløut gürl says:

I'm gonna return to school, looking hot asf and i promise.

rise and shine says:

Ok hi so I'm not that early but I'm really trying to get fit through quarantine so I've been looking at a lot of workouts and tbh this one is my fave it makes me feel good and fresh I did the workout once today and I'm feeling so good and I wanna do it again! I'm in my 5 minute break right now writing this message. After this break imma do it again. I'm also going to try and update u guys every day. I love this workout and I'm going to do it for some weeks ❤

demixlove Yt says:

Hey I have a question….. will I see more results if I do this exercise twice a day?

Olivia Farry says:

I’m just tryna come back to college looking bad🥺

Jeylin Armaz says:

i’m doing this for 30 days and i’ll update im starting today
Day1: it was a little hard , I skipped thru the breaks; i was proud of my self after i was done.
Day2: I did it two times today, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, it got a little bit easier. It’s just my second day not much of a change.
Day3: i did it twice again, i see a change and it’s just the third day. I feel more confident in my body 💗
Day4: Did it twice today it’s way easier than the first day
Day5: for sum reason it got harder for me today but i keep seeing a difference!!!

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