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Here is a basic beginner body weight workout, demonstrated by Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness, that can be done in your own home without any gym equipment.

Make sure you read the linked website for a more complete description on this routine.

As always, make sure you are cleared by your personal physician for physical activity before attempting any physical activity.

The Routine is:
5-10 Minute Warm-up, followed by 3 consecutive circuits of:
20 body weight squats
10 Push Ups
20 Lunges
10 Dumbbell Rows
15 seconds of planks
30 Jumping Jacks

And the song is “Miss Hollywood” by Carbon Leaf, one of my favorite bands 🙂

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3216 BOY says:

Anyone during quarantine

Nicola Larosa says:

Thanks. Could have done without the distracting music though.

Jordan Mathos says:

Of course it's Decemberists or something like it for the background music of Nerd Fitness ha

dxvid23d says:

Will this help with my anxiety?

a7mdeno says:

Is this going to build some muscles for skinny guys or it will only burn fat? and should I do it everyday or 3 times a week? and thanks in advance 😀

katarjin says:

Giving this a go, 32 yo computer nerd tied of being out of shape.

jack00scarecrow says:

arrrr why the music

Gunveet singh says:

Is this supposed to be done 5/7 days a week or every other day is fine?

Armando Zarazua Ledesma says:

very epic thank you

JiJ says:

Not gonna lie, I only did one circuit because I honestly couldn't do anymore. I can feel the burn in my legs. I'm not obese but I don't like looking at myself and just being disappointed and sorry for myself. But now I'm done feeling like a little bitch and I'm gonna prove to all of them that I gots the swagger. One day at a time.

Obelisk says:

Do you even lift?

LGSaikou says:

Thank you so much for your help. I was searching for a while now and your showing some good results!!

Ahmad Jamal Mughal says:

Great video. What's that song at the background though?

I love pizza says:

Anyone with experience?
How'd it work out?

Burpee Daily says:

This is a CLASSIC and great for me to start working out and getting familiar with the different stresses.

Emily Decker says:

Beginning of video says 5 min warm-up and end of video says 10 min warm-up.

corneal35 says:

any alternative to the 30 jumping jacks?

Calyx says:

Just tried this doing my first real workout besides lifting some dumbbells and working 40 hours and I gotta say i'm sweating like a pig.
Gonna try to keep this up 4 days a week and we'll see where my manboobs go in a few months..

The plank is hard as fuck though. I think my back isn't very straight. Doing 3 rounds is gonna take some time, I'm amazed with myself I didnt die after the first cycle..

goodmaki says:

These types of rote exercises where you perform a certain amount of repetitions is not ideal. You should do how many repetitions you can before it becomes too strenuous. Every body is different and will need a different amount of repetitions.

Jing Hamilton says:

Thank you Nerd Fitness for an easy, but effective way to do a body weight circuit workout!
Granted, I still can't even do one proper pushup, but I hope one day I can and many more!

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