Beginner Bodyweight Routine Essentials

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The Convict Conditioning program:

You don’t need a complicated routine to begin body weight training. Far that matter you don’t need a complicated body weight routine period. It’s the simple plans that are best.


Fares Shawash says:

You are a life saver

Zavier Hong says:

I'm a smart cookie 🍪

H HH says:

You remind me of Lex Luther in "Dawn of JUSTICE."

dynamic duos says:

What bodyweight exercises do I do if I can't do pullups

Jaime Colon says:

I know this is an old video, however it is new to me. I was a soldier for about 9 years, i love calisthenics, however i was hurt hence why i not a soldier, im trying to get back into slowly and all your videos and explanations are helping me so much. Honestly was going to give up until i saw a video that Alan Roberts mentioned you. So keep up all the great work and thank you!

rcaw75 says:

just so much useful info in a 5 min video- fantastic

Vittorio Cessari says:

I can’t emphasize more the independence you teach!
I am lucky to find you!
Vittorio the farmer

Hector Vazquez says:

This is the truth.thank you sir. Highly appreciated

Kein Nin says:

Sometimes I feel distracted and lost …I skip my workout days as I don't see much result ..result is skipping 20- 1month. .then again I get boosted up …
How to tackle this …I am always worried about proper exercises and training, nutrition , stress , work ..
Sometimes I feel I should join proper calisthenics programs for maximum overall development …

Vande mataram says:

When i clicked on the video & saw routine on the board, I was going to close the video. But I waited for next 5 seconds & I'm glad. Amazing coach. True fitness 🙂

Justin Pollock says:

Well what is full body tension?

The Roaming Ronin says:

Simple as hell I love it brilliant video just what I needed

scoop fitness says:

Great video

Sakarias Lintunen says:

Just discovered your channel, you make a lot of sense! Thanks!
I have started BW training recently but can't do more than 2 proper pull-ups. So I moved onto eccentrics and have been doing this thing where I do 8-12 negative pull-ups. After those I do 3 sets of Australian pull-ups with varying grips, 8-12 reps. You are all about simplicity, but what do you think about this "Moving down the ladder" approach? The set range is based on """"failure""".
My next progression would be a set of regular pull-ups. I can't do them enough to call it a set, but I am aiming there.

jake says:

You're soo genuine bro

Smiley McTosh says:

I created this for me, all beginner moves:
3×12 unless otherwise stated

Monday – Full Body
Tuesday – Tai Chi
(balancing mind & body)
Wednesday – Legs & Core
Thursday – Tai Chi
Friday – Chest & Back
Saturday – Cardio & Posture
(fixing forward head/nerd neck and hunchback)

Plank (max)
Leg Raises
Push ups

Knee Raises (hanging)
Calf raises
Plank (max)
Leg Raises

Dips (Chest dips when equipment)
Pushup hold (max: or plank in pushup position until you can)

Reverse plank bridge
Archer (
Horizontol Abduction (
Star Jumps (45 second) (US: jumping jacks)
Frog jumps (US: jump squats)
Alternating high knees (30 second)
Mountain climbers (30 second)

King expl0si0n murder says:

You're the man

이진수 says:

If i cant even do one pull up i can do australian pull ups right?

Richard Snow says:

"Smart cooky"….hhhhh

Paulus Readus says:

Progression!! Thank you red delta..
5 star

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