Beginner Calisthenics Workout At Home – No Equipment Required

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Hey Guys ❤️,

This is the follow along version of my beginner calisthenics workout on my channel! I hope it inspires you to get training at home and using your body just like I did!

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Exercises In Order:
Pull Ups
Leg Raises
Push Ups

Have an amazing day everyone, you’re the best 🌟!

Lucy 😘 x

Filming Location: Primal Life Gym –

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Sam Ouardhani says:

Omg this workout looks like Nike Trainer app

Melinda Swatton says:

Enjoying this, thank you! Sorry if mentioned before but how often do you suggest we do this? And would you advise cardio alongside for weight loss? TIA x

Lara Kh says:

I love your content, the pace and how you explain very well. Thanks and I hope to see more videos that focus also on the back.

Amy M says:

I’m just starting calisthenics, thanks for uploading, very useful.

Tehilla Naiman says:

This is NOT a beginner's workout!!
I can't even touch the floor without bending my knees 🙄

cinnamon and skyscrapers says:

This is like a perfect beginner workout. I'm completely unfit and normally have to make a few breaks within a workout but this time I've been able to make it till the very end but it was still demanding

Dixie H says:

Way too advanced for me. I will be back when I can do these.

Epic Coconut says:

@lucylismore This might seem like a silly question…but is 20 mins a day enough exercise. I see some workouts that are this long and some longer. To lose the optimal amount of weight what would be best? Thank youuuuu

Hannah L says:

Hi Lucy, 2 nights ago I watched your video about your journey and it has very much inspired me and filled me with a sense of excitement as I embark on this new journey. Today I completed my first workout with your “Beginners Calisthenics Workout” video and it was great! Your instruction is comprehensive, and easy to follow. I also appreciate that your workouts uploaded so far seem to involve little to no equipment- Very convenient for working from home!! I will definitely be continuing to follow your workouts. Thank-you for your videos so far, and for sharing your journey with us. Many thanks- Namaste. 🙏🏼☺️🌸

Maria Salas Agency says:

Feels great, thank you!

marlies vrakking says:

I like it but you need equipment

Lara del pin says:

This is the 5th time I do this wonderful workout…and I am starting to try the variation to make it more difficult! Thanks, I feel better and my stomach starts to flatten and I feel more energetic! 🙏🏻

Alisha Ram says:

Thank you for this! It's been years since I last excercised, and I managed to finish the entire video without feeling like I'm hyperventilating, or too tired to do another one. Thank you💜💜

Elizabeth says:

I'm a bit confused about the definition of calisthenics. I include almost all of these exercises in my strength training (except dips, they're too hard on my shoulder), in addition to other "weight lifting" moves like deadlifts and rows. Some I do weighted, like the squats and lunges. If I add weight, is that no longer considered a calisthenic? Does a calisthenic rely purely on body weight? Or is it that the movement have to be structured in which are at least required to support your bodyweight? Like a deadlift wouldn't be considered a calisthenic right?

Amber Galuppo says:

Awesome! Thank you! 🙂

Paty D. C says:

I'm so glad I came across your channel.!! Your methods of improvising each exercise is what I needed.!! I've been exercising from other channels, I must say I'm sticking with your workouts.!!

Magdalena Helen says:

I thought today that I need to start calisthenics during this quarantine time and here is this great channel. Gonna get started tomorrow ☺

Sara Benzari says:

Hey! I'm a beginner at calisthenics and at basically any kind of upper body workout, and I have really sensitive/weak wrists which makes it very hard for me to do push-ups, triceps dips, and anything that requires me putting weight on my wrists… What I'm getting at is, do you have any advice for alternations or exercises to strengthen my wrists? You really motivated me to try calisthenics and I don't want my wrists to come between me and this sport! Looking forward to working out with you more 🙂

Thea Dein says:

I started with Calisthenics just today and I started with your video <3 after my pregnancy (14 month ago) I feel like I have zero strength. To me everything about your videos is perfect… the warm-up, the background music,… I hope we will stay together for a longe time (me and you resp. your videos) 😀

Alex P says:

I would love to know how to do a handstand. I used to be a cheerleader back in my high school days and could do hand stands, cart wheels, back flips, and I have NO IDEA how on earth I was able to do those things!

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