Beginner Resistance Band Workout – Workout for Overweight people – Low Impact Workout

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This Resistance Band Workout is a perfect beginner resistance band workout.

It is a great workout for an obese or overweight person as its low impact and it does not rely on bodyweight as resistance.

The current resistance bands we use:

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1. Shoulder Matrix
2. Upright Rows
3. Lying Single Leg Press
4. Lying Leg Extension
5. Standing Chest Press
6. Seated Rows
7. Bicep Curls
8. Overhead Tricep Extension

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Murray Benbasset says:

What makes this special for overweight people. It a great workout for all.

Lavell Glover says:

Just completed this workout. It was put together well for my fitness level. I was able to complete the entire video. Thanks.

Erin Rutter says:

Been doing either this routine or your other 20 minute full body at least 5 days a week for the last 3 weeks. I had a parachuting accident at 16 and lost a lot of strenth in my shoulder and back and also put on a lot of weight over the last 7 years as a result of that. Decided to tackle the issue whilst im still young and can in this lockdown. 3.5kg down so far and feeling stronger every day! Thank you both

Aimee says:

Which bands do I need for this workout? I only have the first one.

schuletrip says:

If you’re reading this and like these workouts. I can definitely recommend the 8 week plan he has available. At the time of writing I paid $9 💵 possibly the biggest bargain around just now!! It has resistance bands, cardio, abs, stretching and flexibility routines. Measurement pages to print off. Truly a great purchase, especially with this Covid going on.

Paul & Jane Silipino says:

hi I am 62 in good sheep I can run 2 miles . would like to tighen up my abs whichone of yuor workouts .would work of me an how many time a week should I do it/

Keith Kempton says:

Those triceps extension are a killer!!

Elmslie Bev says:

did this for the 1st time, after doing the 12 min beginners one for the last 2 weeks. I'll feel it in my sholders toorrow! Thanks for doing these videos.

Cynthia says:

So grateful for and encouraged by your videos! I'm long overdue for some exercise, and it was way hard, but I was able to finish the whole workout! I'm so proud because I usually have to quit shortly in. This is a great balance to really push myself without causing problems. I was able to adapt my Leslie Sansone stretchy band and I'm looking forward to doing the workouts regularly!

Sonal Shah says:

Is your 8 week program (for purchase) similar to this? Meaning no other equipment is necessary except resistance bands?

John Mumaw says:

Due to statewide gym closures, I was somewhat at a loss as to how to use my resistance bands to their full capabilities beyond a few fundamental moves. I found this series of videos and they were just the ticket! Love the timer and time left chart. Thanks for all of your time & effort in producing these videos. You're helping people out, and that's a great thing.

Michelle Manson says:

Thank you this is just what I spent a couple hours looking for on YouTube. I just bought some resistance bands so I can work out at home since going to the gym isn't always practical. I need low impact because of knee issues. I will be checking out more of your videos.

Clayton M. says:

Week 1 wrap up: I ended up skipping a lot of days, Got supper sore.
Fellow Beginners: Warm up, and Stretch before and after.

Kimberlee Gregory says:

Hello thank you for sharing these work out videos. I really enjoy doin these exercises I can definitely feel the burn🤗🤗 So I am new the to resistance band training and I see you change bands. So can you please let me know what are the best bands and the difference in the bands to use for your videos.

Brandy Collins says:

omg that overhead triceps ext killed me!!!

Clayton M. says:

Day 1: Really rough, but an enjoyable set. I think i need to supplement with more leg workouts. murder on my legs. DEFINITELY regretting not doing much between the ages of 25 and 35. I should be posting again tomorrow.

thegreatone2344 says:

This is perfect for me! I truly appreciate this. As I have a few home gym items, but I need this type of guidance.

Subscribed! Notifications on ✅✅✅

Joyce Simonian says:

I like the fact that you are a couple with a baby and still doing this together!! God Bless you.

Sarah says:

Shoulders arms and quads are definitely feeling the burn! Love you guys!

Jeff Bailey says:

I've just done it, and I can say I was shocked just how good an alternative to physical weights resistance band training is.

Perfect beginners routine, hits every muscle groups, well thought out video, plenty of time for transition between exercises and if you're using 'rubber bands', ample opportunity to get the right tension. 10/10

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