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Discover The 3 Simple Steps I Followed That Took Me From Obese & Confused to Ripped & Confident

This is a simple beginner workout routine that you can do at home or at the gym. Focus on using good form. Master the exercises.

The 4 exercises mentioned

Bent over row
Body weight squat



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Outro by @cnmonewayfilm
******All information shared in this video is merely the opinion of Robert Glover. Use this information at your own risk******

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Brix Fitness says:

Discover The 3 Simple Steps I Followed That Took Me From Obese & Confused to Ripped & Confident

Bobby Wadhera says:

Hi there i am facing high bp problem cause of my eating pattern. Also i am gaining fat not doing any exercises. I want to change my lifestyle but i think about it alot but can’t focus on it for long. But high bp makes me worry.

immorton joe says:

People thinking this is natural transformation are begginers 😂😂😂😂

Jason J says:

u didn't explain about the reps and resting time in between?

shuxsa1 says:

Guys. lost a lot of fat does not need to be hard (I used to feel it did). I will give you some tips now. Get a popular lose weight methods called Custokebon Secrets (search on google). Thanks to it I've lost a ton of weight. I probably should not even be talking about it cause I do not really want a bunch of other guys out there running exactly the same game but whatever. I'm just in a great mood today and so I will share the wealth lol.

istu58448ify says:

Why would people give thumbs down on something someone takes their time out to do and help others?? If ya don'tlike it, go elsewhere, dont hate.

Aishwarya Appu says:

Someone told me about site called NextLevelDiet. Let me tell you something: This sh*t is really next level!!! Fat cells are leaving my body like never before. Goodbye belly fat. Welcome six pack.

Desiree Magbanua says:

I want to be skinny

jose morales says:
its free info…….

Ck Blonk says:

I made my body transformation. I was able to lost 15lbs for only one month and finally started feeling healthy. I took plan from NextLevelDiet and followed their tips. Thank you #*Next Level Diet*


16 year old, 181.4 pounds (82.3kg) right now starting today 22/4/2020!! Will keep you updated

teomayoO thegreat says:

I do squats while I shower

Glenn Price says:

started at 366 pounds now at 300 do chair pushups up to 10 reps per set usually 5-6 sets, Bad knees after doctors made some money off my body so can not do a full squat yet so use total gym for squats usually 300 total reps per quad/glute workout. use flat bands for rowing can do them most anywhere 3-5 sets with 20-50 reps. Main thing I can tell ya whatever you do
'stay at it
' you will see results guaranteed. My goal is to work every body part in the least amount of exercises

Kristen R says:

Man, your transformation is incredible! It’s very encouraging as my husband and I just started out weight loss journey. He weights 326 lbs (started at 350 lbs) and he’s only been doing it for about a month and a half. He lost all his current weight loss by just counting calories but we just started exercising together about a week ago. I weight 228 lbs and I’m the largest I’ve ever been in my life.

Soni Ali says:

Thank u going to try this

justin8771 says:

Every day consistency is key that’s what I had to learn what works for me I’m gettin there with the help of brinx

The Localhost Channel says:

Here because of quarantine. I'm a fat pig. Have to take one step at a time and I'm motivated to get ripped.

Sefinat Igugu says:

Thanks my son will have solution to this issues.

Clue Wyatt says:

Is this everyday ? 5'10" 360 lbs

CC Chan says:

lol, I gained a whole lot of weight in the past 4 years (since I finished highschool) so like yeah I need to get fit again. Dunno where even to start. so yeah cheers for uploading this.

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