Benefits of strength training for women: Mayo Clinic Radio

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Terri Wheeldon, a well-being specialist at Mayo Clinic’s Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center, shares why strength training is especially important for women. This interview originally aired Oct. 13, 2018.


Alex says:

as a beginner in strength training my main issue with starting it was that I always thought is hard.
I was always oriented to pillates, power yoga, running, and never considered myself a strong person. I imagined lifting is not for me. Now, as a mom of 3 boys, I realized that the only thing that gives me power to lift them and become stronger, how I move are weights. I started weight training at home and my life changed, is only 1 month but I feel so much better. My main motivation is to be able to lift my boys. Doing yoga was wrong, I was running on fuel I did not have. Strength training is indeed hard, but it turns out anyone can do it and we are actually stronger than we think

Emily Smeltzer says:

I love lifting weights! And it is so empowering to gain strength.

Two Eggs says:

I love strength training! My fiance and I have been doing stronglifts 5 x 5 for the past few months. I'm a 23 yr old with chronic muscle pain due to tmj and scoliosis and I've noticed much less pain now that we've been lifting weights.

Dare And Discover says:

I've been lifting since 2015 and powerlifting since 2016. Lifting heavy changed my relationship with food and my body for the better. I have much more body confidence, and see food as helping to fuel my training rather than as something to fear.

Puhkifx says:

where is that accent from

Kameshwar Choppella says:

My trigger word was when she said..’uh….extended.’ You just need 4-5 compound movements with a linear progression of weight moved. This is the kinda thing which makes people assume weight lifting isn’t for them..

Paul Stein says:

I live in a senior condo. A common issue is that seniors start to fall, put out their arms to protect their face, and break their wrists.
My former blood/heart doctor emphasized strength training to protect my wrists in case of a fall.

Me. Male, Age 74. Three angioplasties, one in 96, a double in 97.

A question I posted elsewhere, since my heart rate stays around target, during most of my strength training, doesn’t that also count as aerobics?

Agree fully on mental benefits.

swaggastronomer says:


Fati -MIH says:

Like her sarcasm 😄google me!

Wondermern says:

Thanks for this video! You are so right. I've been lifting weights for the past 2 years. I now have good, lean muscle definition, but without bulk. It has also helped me with my overall energy levels. For any women out there reading this and still trying to decide if weight training is a good idea, just go for it! You owe it to yourself.

arizona dreaming says:

Why do people thinkyou bulk up? Lol…not if lifting low weight… Ive been strength training for a 57…only strong bulk lol. I will never go back to feeling weak again.. People wonder why their skin sags on their body? Lol, because you need muscle to hold the skin up.. !

Veve Priezviskova says:

a motivating programme

johnnyb620 says:

Squats for the booty!

Nikki A says:

Lol!!! Love her sarcasm! Lol!!

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