BEST 3 Foot Drop Tests to How to Walk Normal Again (After Stroke, Nerve Damage, or Weakness)

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BEST 3 Foot Drop Tests to How to Walk Normal Again (After Stroke, Nerve Damage, or Weakness)

Bob and Brad discuss three foot drop tests and demonstrate exercises to get you walking normal again.

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EErika31684 says:

I sprained my ankle somehow by opening home gate , my doctor said nothing was broken however I couldn't walk for 3 weeks. I been sloooowly healing after 3 months, and I have found myself walking barefoot for about 2 weeks now, seems to be helping.

Lakhbir Singh says:

Dear great twosome, my right side hip is heavy and pulling downwards while walking. I undergone spine surgery two years back and now walking without stick ( last 7 months). Spasticity is more on right leg. Thanks for consideration.

Roberta Mitsules says:

I can’t even stand without holding . Try three different AFO no luck .

whma ksa4 says:

How can i consult u people

elizabeth butame says:

Please how can I get the rope?

j ares says:

I have foot drop total paralyzed no movement. 3 mri of back 2 of brain 1 of left hip.Two nerve conduction studies. 3 blood work and glucose test. Everything negative and fine. I am super healthy .Mayo clinic won’t take my insurance. 1 doc spinal surgeon, 2 neurologist 2 nerve docs. 2 acupuncture’s. I keep searching and nothing no help. Ohhh also physical therapy nothing works.

Arlan Gerhardt says:

Thank you ever so much!

Alex Mottram says:

I’m 14 and I have this should I be very concerned I’m getting it checked out.

Trayne1837 says:

What if you can't heel walk at all.
When I walk I notice that I make slapping sound with both feet??

Peter Christo says:

Seriously you guys are awesome….
I've been watching your channel since I stop working cause of my Multiple sclerosis….but I tune to your channel for help and tips.
As well I recommend your channel to others where one did a simple exercise on her shoulder everyday for two weeks and now has more movement and pain free( not using pain free drugs and didn't go surgery).

I know everyone is different but I say watch these awesome guys first and see if their advice works(mind you, you must be dedicate the time and push yourself).

IrminZ says:

Get one of these best AFO ever, tried others and nothing comes close

I Can fit these Jeans! 59 says:

Have you ever heard of apos therapy? It's a shoe that looks like a sneaker that's supposed to make you walk normal again

Isabel M says:

Hello I seen your advertising about the pro and cons of CBD OIL. When will you be posting it.

marlene kerrmarlene says:

you guys always have good advice -keep up the good work-m,k wis

Dudley says:

6:30 Pretty sure l saw this on the Ed Sullivan Show!

Lisa Robinson says:

Good morning, I was wondering if you all had any ideas on how to improve balance with someone who has an anoxic brain injury? My husband had an allergic reaction to Lisinopril November 2017. We went from being told that he had no brain activity to now he is home and can do so much. He does have a lot of deficits but I’m thankful he is still here. He uses a walker but needs help. I quit work to be his caregiver. Our adult children had started a go fund me because we cannot work now and he had no insurance when it happened because he had been laid off. Now we are hearing he may lose his insurance again. He has had in home therapy and outpatient therapy. He gets sick when we go anywhere so we stay home. He is only 55 years old. Is there anything you can suggest to help? Thank you and I love watching y’all.

Lisa D says:

I have foot drop (actually, you could call it leg drop) due to MS. Nothing is ever going to improve this.

O. H. W. says:

Which one is Bob and Brad?

Ria’s Mane Event says:

I have MS and that this is such a useful video – I have left side damage and foot drop is one of my regular issues, thanks x

Amber Schiwi says:

Hey, Bob&Brad, re. 7:12 – not tying the knot too tightly – you can use a clip for kitchen plastic bags to squeeze the ends together, but it has to be a clip that actually secures itself.
I think Thera Band sell clips like that as well [probably not in the kitchen-clip price range, though]

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