Best Band Exercises For Shoulders (SETS & REPS!!)

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Need a good band shoulder workout? I’ve got you covered.

Sets & Reps:
Single Arm (21’s variation): 4 sets – 20/20/20reps
Single Rear Delt Wall Flys: 3 sets – 20 reps (each)
Lying SLOW + Static Hold Rear Delt Flys: 3 sets – 20 reps (each)
Opened Arms Anterior Delt Raise: 4 sets – 20 reps

Don’t let staying at home or lack of equipment as an excuse for why you can’t get results. You can make some serious progress with somethings as simple as an exercise band.

Let me know what video you want next!

IG: ryanhumiston
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Jim Tolley says:

Ryan I do the last exercise with dbs, cables or bands
I call them SNOW ANGELS
My buddy can't bring himself to call them that….so for him… HAMMER SIDE RAISES!! lol

cody hawkins says:

This helped me so much. First time I've ever been able to activate my rear delt. Thanks Ryan!

Joseph Wilson says:

Finding your videos endlessly useful, straight to the point, no bs and funny. We need more at home band workout though please! Your channel is awesome

Adam Craig says:

You said walk the shoulders in so that it's all rear delt. Isnt rear delt targeted more during scapular protraction and not retraction??

Angel Martinez Carazzone says:

I need a total class on band resistance…

Robert Charles says:

Great tips thank you

Len Secaira says:

Where did you purchase the bands?

Ahmed says:

Could u go for chest also with bands

Trailerfitter's Toolbox Videos says:

How do you get rid of the sweaty smell in your living room after workouts?

Jeremy Hoo says:

Hey, anyone know where can I get the band that he is using?

Rhoda Banuelos says:

Thanks for these great tips!!

Jake Parker says:

Many many thanks. I've been looking for something new for shoulders with resistance. These are awesome. Question about the chair exercise, was the band under your heels for that or did you secure it under the chair legs?

Johnq009 says:

What’s a good band recommendation?

Pkeane04 says:

I really like how you cover a ton of workout in short videos. No fluff. Thanks man.

Chuck Ster says:

Hey Ryan,
Great videos. I have a large request. Can you do individual videos with bands for legs, back, biceps, chest, triceps, and traps? That would be some awesome additions to your already amazing arsenal! 🤙(thats a shaka from hawaii.)

Alex B says:

Where can I buy that resistance band? What's the brand?

body mind industrial complex says:

did you just tell us to go Google "jane fonda urban dictionary" … I think you did.

Greg Laile says:

Thanks so much for advice on workouts at home. I have the power block lile you and can get decent workouts even tho my gym is closed.

Ink_Mark says:

What bands do you recommend? I’m a new subscriber and just found your channel since I’m working on myself during isolation. Take care and stay safe.

1longoish says:

Thank you man. From all of us for showing us how to maintain and grow muscle during this crisis

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