BEST Body Weight Shoulder Exercises (Workout Without Weights)

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**Build GREAT looking shoulders using these body weight shoulder exercises demonstrated by IFBB Pro Marcia Goncalves.**

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Women like to focus on their abs, butts and legs, and they usually neglect their shoulders. However, having toned shoulders look great if you wear a dress or a top.

Many women (men too) think that you can only work shoulders with resistance but that’s so far from the truth! You can easily knock out a good shoulder workout using nothing but your own bodyweight!

In this video Coach Brian, MS, CSCS and Marcia Goncalves shares with you a bunch of bodyweight shoulder exercises for developing strong & sexy shoulders, (and no you won’t bulk up).

Here are the shoulder exercises found within this video:

Jumping Jacks
Arm Circles
Pike Push-Ups
Bench Dips
Shoulder Taps
Buzzsaw Plank
Prone Overhead Press
Prone T-Fly

When creating a program, use 3 sets of 15-20 reps of each of these exercises using minimal rest.


The #1 Exercise to Develop a Rounder Stronger Butt

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thersh9 says:

This lady needs to pose in a Bikini.

Amanda Peterson says:

Looking great with your freshly cut hair Brian! Thanks for the video.
Love it when you have Marcia in your videos too!❤️💋

Linda Darling says:

Does Marcia ever speak when on Coach Brian's videos?

Rudinho Cologne says:

Bodyweight Power 🙂 macht einfach nur Spaß! Gruß, Rudinho

Kathy S says:

Her arms are so beautiful! Can you interview her and havd her discuss her workout regimen, supplements she takes…I'm intrigued! She's motivates me to continue in my fitness journey

Bella Linda says:

She is gorgeous & she makes all of those moves look so simple.

Pancho Reyes says:


MakcumPycckuu says:

Cool video. Thank you 👍

itshazgames itshazgames96 says:

Marcia is so pretty 😍😜💯

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