Best Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises (BIG Shoulders)

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Another video showing the best or top bodyweight (calisthenics) shoulder exercises. No weights needed. I describe exercises that hit all 3 heads with just bodyweight training. Build big shoulders with calisthenics!

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Lucas Muniz says:

Jesus, this guy is HOT

Joel Aldo says:

here because of COVID19.

aaa aii says:

Thank u bro

Jake B says:

Anyone else here from coronacation?

Tim Buktu says:

Anyone else here because of fuckin corona? My gym closed yesterday but no reason to get lazy. Best tutorial for working out only with bodyweight. Keep it up!

Lebronzzze James says:

How high is the risk of injury for these exercises if it is not done properly?

Lebronzzze James says:

cmon guys… lets go do the planchiline.

psyrocks-3 says:

Bruh I came here cuz I’m weak u just started floating and walkin on ur hands

NARA says:

was real helpful thanks! nice shoulders you got there

Bradley Warren says:

Thank you for the video! Excellent content.

Kara Kappel says:

Liking the before and after comparison…it's nice to see the results over the course of a year. It truly illustrates what a little work can do. Nice vid showing what can be achieved with no weights.

IamGhede says:

Thanks for this! A refreshing change from everyone just recommending pullups.

Especially for a novice like myself.

Ice King says:

5:26 dude you almost pulled out your house

Akshay Sharma says:

Do hindu pushups for max shoulder growth in calesthenics

Olbanix says:

Hope you rembered leg day;)

Burhan Karimjee says:

Sadly I tried doing the stomach to wall and I did not have enough grip on my feet and landed on my neck, I then landed on my neck to finally realize that I was paralyzed😭 i am just warning other people that this is very dangerous and I wish I had someone there to protect me

Jerry C says:

Austin do you practice press to handstand in your training yet?

daddyfatsack68 says:

Im on a journey to a full planche. I have the core but my shoulder arnt as tough rn. I can only hold it for about 2 seconds.

service asap says:

Dude WTF are you serious…

Ben Nastally says:

this is funny because his shoulders arent big. hes looks like a fit 16 year old kid.

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