Best Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises

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Instrumental by Wodkah –

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Shibz17 says:

Added to my corona-pack excercises

Ali Altinel says:

I can't do half this shit. Damn corona stealing my shoulder gains

Nam Phạm says:

boss fight musik

Pabitra Mondal says:

Sir how to do pseudo planche push up. Please make a tutorial in this subject.

Mauro Antunes says:

What is best for rear delts?

Rodrigo emiliano Ibarra garrido says:

Hey Alex !!! Do you have a full body routine? Is there any way I can contact you? Thanks !!


is that for for strength and muscle or endurance ?

thephilosopherslegacy says:

Impressive! Most impressive…

The Joe Pittard says:

What exercises hit which shoulder muscle?


excellent video


2018 November ?

H Rn says:

Most useful video I’ve seen yet ❤️

Alfred Galatos says:

Awesome exercises. Thank you

Sanfona Kafonah says:

Unbelived post, man! Thank you!

Armchair Hero says:

U knew shit is getting serious when the music started!

Batuhan Gul says:

I cant make pike push up properly. How can i fix and improve my shoulder power?

Anirudh says:

What's the 2 stand equipment called @2:18

Gustavo Fedrizzi says:

The pseudo pushups should be done with a protracted scapula?

Ben P says:

You guys are awesome! Like always.
I wish you could give some instructions about the movement in this video as they are really advanced and heavy.

Thank you for your great videos.

GeorgeDaBuzy says:

0:27 Lol he did a bent straddle pike by mistake. Fresh af

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