Best Exercises For Shoulder Pain Using A Theraband

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Here are my 4 favorite exercises to REDUCE SHOULDER PAIN using a Theraband. These are great for any shoulder injury and will help strengthen the shoulder muscles and and stabilize the shoulder joint. These exercises also are focused on the Rotator Cuff Muscles. If you are having Shoulder pain you can perform these 1-2 times a day for 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions.

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David Ramos says:

are these good for healing a rotator cuff tear, which is what I have.

marcgrab says:

Good set of exercises. I've been prescribed the same by my physician and they worked like charm.

Parichay Verma says:

Are these exercises enough to prevent a repeat shoulder dislocation?If not, which other exercises should be done? Thanks a lot

Alan Fay says:

Dr Brown I'm doing these twice a day, big improvements thanks!

Scott Johnson says:

Elevation with internal rotation? Nope nope nope.

Jahanas Ma says:

Thanks doctor
Please upload videos about humarous fracture recovery excercise

Louise Zeitlin says:

Thanks, Dr. Brown I just finished pt for shoulder pain, and I'm pretty pain-free but want to continue at home. What you show in this video is exactly what I did in PT … I was going to try to get pullies for my home and they told me to use these bands. Your video reminded me of the correct way to use them. Thank you so much.

busdrivermike13 says:

Should be done every day ?

Amelia Holland says:

Is it safe to use if you have torn rotor cuff I’m getting ready for surgery I want try something that might help with pain

David Cerce says:

I am recovering from surgery and this is absolutely the best recommendation on YouTube! I cannot thank you enough for this advice! I wish you were my doctor!

I will try these! Thank you so much!

Kendrick Smith says:

Thank You Dr. Brown. You're right on time!

Sunita singh Singh says:

where I will get theraband

John Daniel says:

Thanks Doc
Have a good day

David Hirsch says:

Use a door anchor made for bands to temporarily attach to door.

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