Best Shoulder Home Exercises for Frozen Shoulder & Arthritis (Adhesive Capsulitis & DJD)

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present the best shoulder home exercises for frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) and arthritis (DJD-degenerative joint disease). Brad demonstrates how you can make your own equipment.

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KCSnuff says:

Can I just say I love you guys? I'm a massage therapist and watch your videos so often that I hear your jingle in my sleep. Thanks for the fantastic content!

Diddly Squat says:

I have frozen shoulder following a fractured clavicle. I’ve been doing passive exercises using a cardboard wrapping paper tube. This pulley system is much less strenuous on the back. My husband made this for me in less than 10 minutes from bits he has saved from his boat. It’s brilliant and is going to transform my exercise regime.Thank you for this great idea. 😊

3D DENTAL says:

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3D DENTAL says:

Check this out @t the best in the world

G masih says:

This exercise can help in muscles disorder

Sim Sim says:

Would it work for. A person with. A stroke?

Trish Conrad says:

Thank you…great explanations!👍👍👍

Bob Arnold says:

I love your practical advice – like some others have said, I would watch your videos for entertainment alone, but today my physiotherapist gave me shoulder flexion and shoulder abduction exercises for "pre-frozen shoulder". I hate using a broomstick. I will rush down to the hardware store now and get me a pulley, plastic handles, and rope. I cant wait to try the beach ball too once some kids not looking and I can get it away from them 😉

Debo Ingram says:

The Red Green Show! If you're not handsome then at least be Handy! LOL

Arshi kaleem says:

u both r doing nice job

Nina Bolinder says:

You guys are awesome! I had frozen shoulder on one side which took 2 years to heal and now I feel the same type of pain starting in the other shoulder…so should I start these exercises before it gets worse? I don't want another frozen shoulder.😱😱Thanks.

Alexander Anisimov says:

Are you planning any videos on how to work out shoulders with a herniated disc/sciatica? Worried about standing or even sitting dumbell shoulder press since it's added pressure to the spine.

Claire Conley says:

Great!!! Thanks again.


I did not know that I had arthritis .until I had hunt my shoulder at work.And now I have pain everyday I am feeling pain in every joint in my body

Alejandro Cardenas says:

😂 broken heart 💔…..thank you guys for showing this exercises. Very helpful

mohannad al madanie says:

Really creative thanks

Christine Mohammed says:

Thanks, I have learnt so much by looking at your videos…looking forward to more.

40jamieful says:

Thank you so much! You guys are awesome.

Heart Centred says:

Thanks so much as always!

Abdul Dawood says:

helpful video but the video quality is poor

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