Bodyweight Back Workout (NO PULLUP BAR!)

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Brody Walters says:

If this guy is so knowledgeable why does he look like shit 💀

HunterJUMPER says:

Where yo shirt at

Mike, TheAnimated says:

Thank god; a pull up bar would bring down my door frame.

Michael Nguyen says:

Can you make a leg home workout ?

Siddharth Dhadwal says:

any warmup before this?

Michael Manley says:

Could you please tell me how involved ( worked ) are the biceps 💪 on the BACK WIDOW exercise? Thanks! – Mike

Miria_No6 says:

Alright but you won't make muscles with those kind of exercises, you won't even keep them

Blackswordsman6 says:

Set and reps? Hold time?

jay Pazare says:

Jeff always having our back in the time of need.

Princewill Anyagagligbo says:


VTN says:

The best I got my park’s kids playground closed so I can’t do pull ups no more lol but I don’t want to stop working my back for the sluts I got the chest for the sex tho

Anshuman Srivastava says:

Looks like jeff won't let coronavirus take much of our gains!!!

Fabx & Alan's Freak Show says:

I'm using the quarentine as an excuse to exercise and build a fit body so all the videos I've seen are very helpful

Domas Barauskas says:

covid 19…

Taries says:

1:32 It would be better if the floor had a hole. Because a hole is a hole.

Davon Bruno says:

What's the best routine for doing these?

Hi Luk says:

Females love back muscles

theyetti90 says:

I can tell you're bigger today.

Peter Vannini says:

My core is dying on exercise 2, am I ducking up or just gotta work at it?

beast of the east says:

corona virus is the reason why im here 🤣

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