Bodyweight Chest Workout for Bigger & More Defined Pecs

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What’s going on guys! In today’s video, I’m going to be giving you a simple no equipment required bodyweight chest workout you can do from anywhere to get bigger, more defined pecs!

This workout will consist of just 4 different exercises and they will all be pushup variations. When it comes to body weight chest exercises, the only real movement you can perform is a pushup so the key will be changing up the contraction and force used on the exercises.

Perform all 4 exercises below, followed with a 90 second rest after completing all 4 exercises back-to-back. Repeat for 5 total sets.

✅ Regular Pushups – 10 Reps
✅ Dead Stop Pushups – 10 Reps
✅ Knee Pushups – 10 Reps
✅ Eccentric Pushups – 10 Reps
⏰ Rest 90 Seconds
🚀 Repeat for 5 Sets

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Bodyweight Chest Workout for Bigger & More Defined Pecs
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Abc says:

Anyone else doing this during quarantine

Torrent79 says:

just do them pushups….that's the recipe

CAPTAINNZ 187 says:

I don't know why but I can only feel it in my shoulders even with the 45 degree angle but good video thanks chief.

sirdoug says:

How much do you weigh?? And how tall are you?

Joey Sijstermans says:

Check out Josef Rakich Fitness.

Yaseen Yaseen says:

Can you please make a video on creatine and how to use it or what to drink it with, that would really help me

Cem besler says:

I want same this video but back not chest

rohit singh says:

fan from india

yaj rama says:

That's a good one

threepercent says:


andrei260902 says:

B…but you did focus on the eccentric on the second variation


You are awesome dude 😍
That's really help ❤✌🏼

Joseph Liang says:

Congrats, 1 M,

Jorge Esteban Rojas Navarrete says:

I dead ☠️

Rogue Trooper11 says:

Gonna give it shot man, thanks 💪

Basia Ramona says:

Does it also work for boobs?😉

farrah mcclarity says:

Challenging🏋️‍♀️. But I'm up for it.

Aaron 2010 says:

You forgot about decline and incline pushups

Moncef el mansouri says:

Big thanks 😊❤

Entertainment with Adil says:

Please,show us some other chest workout using body weight other than push ups.

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