Bodyweight Mass Gain Workout *No Equipment* | Day 5 [At Home Program]

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A1. Pike Push Up / HSPU – 3-5 x 4-6r (4-0-1-0)
A2. Diamond Push Up – 3-5 x 8-12r (3-0-1-1)
A3. Cyclist Squats – 3-5 x 10-12r (3-1-1-0)
A1+A2 are super-set. Rest 60 seconds between A2+A3 and 100 seconds between rounds.

B1. Chin Up / Front Lever Row – 3-5 x 4-6r (4-0-1-0)
B2. Supinated Bodyweight Row – 3-5 x 8-12r (3-0-1-1)
B3. Reverse Hyperextensions – 3-5 x 10-12r (2-0-1-2)
B1+B2 are super-set. Rest 60 seconds between B2+B3 and 100 seconds between rounds.

A1. Pike Push Up / HSPU – 3-5 x 4-6r (4-0-1-0)
A2. Diamond Push Up – 3-5 x 8-12r (3-0-1-1)
A3. Chin Up / Front Lever Row – 3-5 x 4-6r (4-0-1-0)
A4. Supinated Bodyweight Row – 3-5 x 8-12r (3-0-1-1)
A1+A2 and A3+A4 are super-set. Rest 120 seconds between A2+A3 and 120 seconds between rounds.

A1. Shrimp Squats – 3-5 x 3-5r per side (4-0-1-0)
A2. Cyclist Squats – 3-5 x 8-12r (3-1-1-0)
A3. Lying Slider Hamstring Curl – 3-5 x 4-6r (4-0-1-0)
A4. Reverse Hyperextensions – 3-5 x 8-12r (2-0-1-2)
A1+A2 and A3+A4 are super-set. Rest 120 seconds between A2+A3 and 120 seconds between rounds.


INSTAGRAM: @TheBodyweightWarriors

This video shares a 40-minute no equipment, full-body bodyweight strength workout that will help develop strength, hypertrophy and all-round gains whilst having no access to a gym.


Cho – Maiwan

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Michal Mlaticek says:

Hi, I enjoy the videos. One question though. You always talk about chinups. How about pullups? Should I alternate between, or is that something that should be done extra?

Lukas Jamieson says:

I've been doing this workout for a month and a half (the full week plus daily iso walks) and it's been a great mix where I'm challenged having started on a relatively low level of fitness but the intensity doesn't necessarily plateau either as I have increased this week on week. Especially compared to other follow along videos, the whole week routine where strength coupled with dynamic flexibility has meant although I can get sore from workouts I don't look like a stiff robot on zoom calls for the following 24 hours.

If it wasn't for this series I would likely have severe back pains from sitting at my dining table all day, have put on isolation weight from a sedentary WFH-UberEats lifestyle and especially have poor mental health. Tom is great trainer as he isn't aggressive or arrogant in expecting individuals to be at peak athlete performance but still encourages you to push yourself no matter the level of fitness you're at. Thanks a million!

Nate Richbourg says:

Really love this workout and your stretching videos! Keep it up!

Barbara Victorio says:

Could you upload an example workout program focused more on legs? Thnk you! Love this series 🙂

H R says:

Hey Tom, love the videos. Am really struggling with the reverse hyperextensions though as they make it hard to breath and moreover make me almost literally throw up (pressure on stomach.) Any suggestions or alternatives?

Josh L says:

hamstrings don't agree with pikes on chair any advice? tenks

missdelilah23 says:

Is it suitable for women?

Jakes Neethling says:

Ps Thanks so much for the excellent exercises!

Jakes Neethling says:

I nearly died bro! 😛

Luis Ignacio Hernandez says:

Can’t do diamond pushups

Montana Hunter says:

Tom, first off thanks for putting this series out, it's been fantastic. I'm really struggling with the diamond pushups, do you have any suggestion for a similar movement that will work more or less the same muscles but be more manageable for me?

Josh L says:

my knees dont agree with the cyclist squat. Anyone else? x

Mariana C. Cámara says:

Does anyone else gets abdominal pain in the last exercise?

Ricky Jinks says:

I do love these workouts and they have good foundations, but it's misleading to say no equipment and then have to need alot of things people wouldn't have to hand in quarantine.

Nurture Yoga in Charlton Kings says:

You are killing me, but thank you 😄

Sercan YILMAZ says:

Hi, Tom! I currently finished the Beginner Routine you prepared I did for a month and decided to pass on to your Mass Gain Routine which is Upper-Lower-Flex-Upper-Lower-Flex-Rest etc. but one thing I realized, or felt like, this routine does not work my core. Can you suggest something for me to also work my core with this routine? If you say there won't be any need for it, I appreciate it, as well! Please answer this message because I really need to know. Thank you in advance.

Hamod SQ says:

That monstera plant… need some milk…

Roledo Toledo says:

How do you read the tempo?

aziz321abdul says:

Been doing these for a couple of weeks…these supersets are killers, amazed at how much I am panting after them with no cardio 😀👍

Fa Becuadro says:

"No Equipment" uses four different equipments

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