Bodyweight Only Upper Body Workout – Killer Arms, Shoulders, and Upper Back Workout

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A2Z says:

is this full upper body or only arms, back and shoulder workout?

Zahra Omar says:

I have to to do this for fricking school like what the hell

Vladimir Putin says:

Ahh yes… the new Covid-19 gym class

wilhelmina clement says:

my teacher sent this as our daily challenge. aaaa

Stij n says:

Am I the only one who's wrists hurts after doing just one set?

bob sapp says:

I always do this followed by your 10 minute abs workout. Feels great afterwards!

vpustote says:

Thanks for these. They are kicking my butt. I figured with running 40-60 miles a week that I could breeze through your exercises. Definitely not.

I was having a tough time finding a program that wasn't designed for beginners and wasn't too advanced for my level. These are perfect. I feel them for days after.


I love Jhopes Smile says:

I did your leg workout yesterday and I was like “ah this is so easy” and today I can’t move xD well at least I know it works

Ozan Arayiz says:

What fuck are actually you doing mate? Just do some hiit cardio exercises for women. You are really don't know about shoulder and chest workout. Even your wife better than you

Bryan Sanchez says:

Frost video I watched from this channel but really loved the workout routine and the instructor was great!

Afraid of Editz says:

Im only 12 and im doing this. Its not even that hard.😂

Groove Zoidberg says:

Just wanted to thank you for these vids! I’ve changed my lifestyle recently and ur vids have really helped.

I’ve lost about 15lbs in the last 3mo. The weight loss has tapered off, but I know that’s because I’m gaining muscle. I’m at the point where I’m noticing a change!! Such a good feeling.

I’m at the point where when you say “if this is difficult, get on your knees” and I’m like “how TF are you talking while doing this!!” lol but soon my friend. I’ll be there.

Great job on the vids. How you talk. The video quality. Love the timer and sounds (helps when I’m sweating my face off and can’t see).

Keep it up ok? U got my much deserved Likes.

Joelwilliam_officiel says:

The over for you push up..

Asmita N says:


Abigail Lindner says:

Ah, my arms! I flopped on the final rep of hover push-ups in round 3.

The sequence was three rounds, 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off of the following moves:
*hover push-ups
*supine push-ups
*pike push-ups
*push-up walkdowns

Tarunaditya Karwa says:

What muscle group does each exercise target?

Fit. says:

im starting to feel like in order to see the changes i wanna see im gonna have to give in and just live in the gym or take up mountain climbing

Suyogya Man Tuladhar says:

Really helpful , Thank you- from Subigya Man Tuladhar -NEPAL

Alex Black says:

The only channel on yt where I don't skip ad's, just my humble contribution and thanks to this wonderful people.

EmDeusTudoE Possivel says:

It feels so good! Lol thanks XD

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