Bodyweight Shoulder Workout for Men | 7 At Home Shoulder Exercises

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In this video I take you through an entire shoulder workout you can do entirely from at home, using no equipment at all.

This workout contains 7 exercises to target all 3 parts of your shoulders to ensure a full workout:

-handstand pushups
-pike pushups
-divebomber pushups
-pushback pushups
-floor y-raises
-floor t-raises
-floor reverse fly

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Yash Chakravarty says:

With all due respect Vince , I wonder why don't you have those veins , the vascularity inspire of having such a great physique ?

Jack Ross says:

I love the body weight workouts. Some of these shoulder exercises really burn.

I Love Haters says:

Pike Pushups – 2:56
Floor Y-Raises – 7:19
Floor T-Raises –  8:00

Antonio Chelaru says:

4:59 am i supposed to scream “shoulder shoulder shoulder” while doing this exercise to get all the benefits of it?

Raoul Segers says:

can you do a workout with kettle bells?
lovin youre workouts!!
especially the hit workouts! fore at home!

Stephanie Kaye says:

Your so gorgeous please tell me your single!

Vĩnh vlogs says:

Videos reduce thighs

Hritick Roy says:

Please give full day meal and protein shake video…

Rafael Veríssimo says:

he probally doesnt even do these exercises

Wayne Zedd says:

Full follow along is much easier to remember and stay motivated to finish vs remember – I'd like that 😉

Deon Kongkeo says:

Hey, Can you do a dinner plan please

#savage #Black #Kid #cx says:

Lol i got an ad and you were in it lol

Hirun Jayawardana says:

Damn u have definitely increased in size

Rick Martin says:

thanks for the vid – have been on a 4 month cross country trip and need ideas for out of fitness center workouts.

kapil soni says:

I hope you know 😉 I have been following you since long and now that's what I wanted cos I'm travelling a lot so just to make sure I am all pumped up…this is for me! Cheers dude!
Want more of such routine, can you?

axad ali says:

video making problem ////????????

Richard De La Fuente says:

What can you do for a rotor cuff

Mr Wright says:

I have issues getting parallel in my squats. I still get results but I want to know if there is a way to get deeper, or do I need to at all. Please do a video about this and a leg routine.

Alex TV says:


Shirsendu Ghosh says:

Love your videos…
Can you show some calves workout…

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