Bodyweight Shoulder Workout (NO GYM…NO PROBLEM!!)

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A good bodyweight shoulder workout better be able to hit all three heads of your delts. If you can’t effectively target your front, medial and rear deltoids then you aren’t going to develop complete shoulders (especially if you don’t have access to weights or equipment).

In this video, I show you side by side shoulder workouts that you can do with equipment or with no equipment. We take the traditional shoulder exercise and put it up against a bodyweight equivalent to show you just how easy it is to do your shoulder workouts even with no weights.

For instance, if you want to do dumbbell or barbell shoulder presses but don’t have the db’s or bar…you can do handstand pushups (or the even harder variation – the handstand walkout pushup). If you want to do dumbbell side lateral raises for the medial head of the deltoid but don’t have the db, you can do the bodyweight side lateral exercise shown in the video.

If you want to work the rear delts but think that your only option is to use dumbbells and perform rear delt flys, think again. You can do the Iron Cross Reverse Pushups shown here and build your posterior delts at home. If you want to get more functional with your shoulder workout you will want to incorporate something that allows you to overload your delt muscle strength in 3 planes. The exercise shown here, circle pike pushups, are a great alternative.

Finally, when you want to put explosive shoulder exercises into your home workouts you can try the handstand kick outs shown as the last in this workout. By loading the shoulder muscles up eccentrically on every rep, you’re able to more easily overload them to produce an increase in muscle size and strength.

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Maciej Sibila says:

everything is fine but …. I can't insulate the side of the shoulder all the time hip rotation. The theory works, but it is worse with practice if you do not have access to the gym I recommend resistance rubbers. It is much easier to isolate muscles

HyperBrid says:

Eyyy my coronavirus dudes

Michal Šimo says:

So who is watching this because their gym is closed because of corona virus ?

Bob Ross says:

For me
2:15, 3:09

Taha El Haj says:

I wish you had a TRX program

Abdul says:

You idiot you fucking talk too much you can talk fucking under water grow up

mark6020cc says:

Hi jeff im not sure wich program fits for me i dont have any access to a gym but i do have a set of dumbells at home ranging from 15lbs to 30lbs and a adjustable bench. Ive been training at home for a couple of months now but i need a program that will take my training to the next level can you help me decide wich program would fit for my situation?

Darth Benedict says:

I thought that was Chris Heria in the thumbnail

Sohan P says:

Thanks a lot, Jeff!!
This format of b/w versions of weighted exercises is really very helpful and motivating (for people like me without resources). Thanks again!

Con D. Oriano says:

But I’m not at that level yet I’m only a beginner still I can’t do most of these exercises yet

C. Galindo says:

Nice. I love these videos. This is very great advice

Slv.2TheRhythm*2020 says:

Love shoulders and you've given me some gr8 ideas to incorporate 🙂 thanks 😉

Night's King says:

@2:28 Jeff doesn't go all the way down to work the should (extra stretch), but on instagram and other videos he goes for the stretch.

Klay Chavez says:

What if this is to hard

The Nickster says:

But how do you progress with these exercises?

Climbers137 says:

1:14, handstand push-up
1:32, wall-walk
4:43, pike circles


Can I build my full body muscles without equipment or bodyweight exercises

Artie the Swolest Man in the World says:

I think this video has the highest upvote/downvote ratio I've ever seen

L0reweaver says:

nobody's gonna comment on the skeleton with the top hat…?

great video dude 😀

Brian Daremyske says:

great video very helpfull and clever exercises!!!

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