Bodyweight Triceps Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)

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If you want to build bigger triceps but don’t have access to equipment or a gym, there is no need to worry. In this video, I show you a 6 minute bodyweight triceps workout that you can use anywhere to build big triceps in a short period of time. In fact, you are only going to use two different triceps exercises to get the job done. If you are ready to trade in workout length for intensity, then this workout is just what you have been looking for.

To start, you will only need a surface that is elevated to perform the exercises. If you are training at home, this can be a bed or the back of a couch. If you are training in a gym you have endless options to get the job done. Here, I’m using a power rack bar stop to put my feet on but I could have just as easily have used a bench.

The first minute consists of a single home tricep exercise known as the cobra pushup. Instead of just repping out here however you are going to perform them in “21” style. You have the full 60 seconds to complete 7 reps in the lower one third of the range of motion, 7 from the upper one third of the range of motion and finally 7 reps using the full range of motion. All of these are going to be performed in this first minute with your feet elevated. Whatever time you are left with after completing your reps is your rest time for the remainder of that minute.

As soon as the next minute begins you need to put yourself in position to perform the second and last exercise in your tricep workout, the walk in bodyweight extensions. This triceps exercise killer allows you to train not just to failure but through failure as you unweight your body and squeeze out more reps even when fatigued by simply changing the position of your feet. Your goal is to try and perform the entire one minute of exercise here without having to rest. If you must, keep it short and then get right back on the bar and complete the rest of the minute of that exerise.

For the third minute you are back to the floor to repeat the “21 style” cobra pushups but this time you are going to perform them from the floor on your toes. This standard pushup position will be slightly easier than the elevated version which should make it possible for you to finish all twenty one reps even though your triceps are likely torched. Again, the rest you earn here is the time you have remaining after finishing all 21 reps of the exercise.

Back to the walk-in bodyweight triceps extensions for another full minute. You may find that you are walking your feet in closer than before and sooner than before. That is ok. It is normal to feel the intense burn in your triceps. This isn’t called the Sore in 6 Minutes Triceps Workout for nothing.

Finally, wrap up the last two minute time period by repeating the entire exercise sequence one more time. The only thing here is that you will likely need to drop to your knees to perform this cobra pushup combo to accommodate and combat the fatigue. Power through and don’t give in. See if you can make it the entire 6 minutes without stopping!

The Sore in 6 Minute triceps workout with bodyweight exercises is just another example of how leaving the excuses at the door can allow you to build a fantastic back without needing any equipment. If you are looking for a complete workout for your entire body that requires not a single piece of equipment, head to and get the ATHLEAN XERO program. No bars, no bands, no benches and most of all, no bull.

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ATHLEAN-X™ says:

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Manga Speakeasy says:

I substituted the 2nd exercise with a easier i found where i do a tricep extension on the floor but instead i lean forward where my shoulders are almost touching the back of my palms and my elbows closer to my body. Do you guys think this is a good substitute for hitting the same area. (Btw i do this on my knees)

TightSeatbelt says:

He looks like a buffed chemistry class teacher

Ivar Hakuse says:

Didn’t get all the cobra positions, bottom (low), top (not so low) Decline?

vikram gahlot says:

Actually the best workout for quick and insane pump,you have good knowledge about exercises

Timothy De Vita says:

That was a nice challenge! Thank you!

Camilo Ramirez says:

could anybody explain the difference between the cobra pushups and the regular ones?

Drewski48 says:

Who’s here cause of quarantine

Srinivas Rao says:

Sir why so much talk
Please start the excercise

Klaudius Haw says:

After 30 day I got huge triceps no equipment thanks Jeff

Aj Medina says:

What I found obviously is my triceps are weak as a tiny stick

Desaz Music says:

Came for the video stayed for the comments

chatz6699 says:

My left hand biceps is thicker than right hand how can I rectify it

RA7Gaming says:

In the park. Just finished this triceps workout and his other sore in six back workout. I’ve learnt that I’m overestimating my power output and that these workouts are awesomely deadly. I’m seeing too many Jeff memes, I’m asking if anyone else has done this workout and how their experience was. I’ll tell you that I’m knackered!

Shikhar Chaudhary says:

Having elbow pain in tricep extension

Erick Gm says:

Great videos Jeff ,thanks for share your knowledge my friend ¡

AngieFree says:

Hi Jeff, I love this sore in 6 for triceps! Do you have a sore in 6 video for biceps but with elastic bands? Thanks!


First minute 21 style of decline cobra pushups
7 bottom range
7 top range
7 full range
Second minute
Wallin bodyweight extension for 60 sec
Third minute flat pushup 21 style
Fourth minute bodyweight extension
Fifth minute knee 21 style cobra pushups
Sixth body extension

SpiritWolf2K says:

People act like Chris heria and other people clickbait and misinform but Jeff does videos like this. Soreness has no correlation between muscle gain/strength

Javier Martinez says:

This is the video that people eyed right now

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