Booty Band Full Body Workout | Total Body Mini Band Workout

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Margaret Lally says:

thank you. easy to understand and follow along. I subscribed 🙂

Hazel says:

I love this! Thank you! 😍

Yesenia Rojas says:

good workout. but why is it gendered ? smh

Mariana Popa says:

How many workouts a week does it take for results?

Flavia Alves says:

i love it!!! and can practice my english with you!!!

Amanda Pereira says:

Loved this one, thanks 🙂

Emma Åman says:

I really loved this! I have 3 kids born 2012,2016,2017 and pregnant with baby nr 4 week 25. This was perfect for me and my balance. Had to modify some of The mooves! Love from sweden Gotland

Anita Ramirez says:

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Fire flames! I was shaking once we started glutes. 🍑 Thank you. 💯

Lauren Baker says:

love this work out and using bands for full workout is amazing <3 please make more!

Beth McLaughlan says:

Great workout. Thank you! I also appreciate that there's no frantic music playing for the workout. It's good to just breathe & focus

Ziyi Su says:

Love most of the exercises, especially the one for legs. But the workout for arms hurt my palms … anyone else felt your hand hurts when you grab the bands?

Vittorio Ambrosetti says:

So glad this channel is active again, I liked this workout, the instructor did not go too fast and the cues were spot on without unnecessary talking.

Linda Medina says:

What leggings are you wearing? Thanks in advance.😊

TheTaitertot says:

Thank you this was great. I’m going to look into your app

Tracy Reichardt says:

Great workout 💪👏

Honey Latte says:

I just started working out with bands an they are awesome an so is this workout.

Romeo Borrego says:

Nice workout I love it

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