BOOTY BAND WORKOUT | Leg & Glute workout for women| Band Review

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BOOTY BAND WORKOUT | Leg & Glute workout for women| Band Review


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I love adding bands to my body weight workouts. They help to bump up the intensity and get those legs and glutes fired up! You can do this booty band workout at home or the gym! All you’ll need is some space and some bands! If you are looking for a great workout to get your glutes fired up.. dot his booty band workout!

Thank you to Limm for sending me these amazing bands! They are such high quality and I will be using these bands a lot in the near future!

20 reps air squat
30 seconds in & out jump squat
30 seconds walking side squat
15 reps back leg lift to side leg lift (both sides)
30 seconds plank jack
REPEAT 4X! 12 second rest after each move. 1 minute rest after each round

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Megan Adderley says:

Awesome video. Thank you for telling us where to put the bands and showing us how to use them much appreciated ☺️


Deffo be adding this to my workout before I leave for the army great stuff 💪🏼

Candle Kane says:

You look like a mixture of JIllian Michaels and Liv Tyler lol

B D. says:

Your so nice and beautiful your a great trainer hope the best for you darling y respect s 😎 thankyou for the videos 👏

B D. says:

Very cute she confident and super enerjetic ..exercises cardio should be part of a persons lifes

Yakka Powedri says:

You R so cute :*

Faith B says:

Nina where is the inner thigh workouts? Thanks!

Dheeraj Sobti says:

Why would your title say “for women” Men can want boootyyyyy too

Angie Torres says:

How often should we do this ? Everyday ? Or every other day ?

dzlove says:

Sorry but I'm very wary of reviews when people get the items for free.

EmilysExistence says:

Day 1 : love this work out so far my legs are feeling it though and I’m using a medium band !

janice alambra says:

Hello dear! I just bought same band your using in your video.. hope u can make more videos to make thighs and butt bigger using the bands bcoz that my problem 🙁 so far..
Thanks god bless

Cabrera Fitness says:

I'll be adding those to my resistance band training..thank you!

Angelica Arroyo says:

Thank you I have been honking about trying band workout but never really knew how too . But now I have a idea and will try this workouts 🙂

Sherika Nelson says:

I'm just trying the same bands at the moment

Cynthia Garcia says:

Love how simple and educational your videos are, you get to the workout so quick and i love it !! 🤘🏼🤗😍 I’m gonna try these workouts today I’m excited


I just got some resistance bands, and this just gave me plenty of exercise ideas to make good use of them!! Thanks girl 💪

Stay True Warriors says:

I really hate those bands the fold over 😒 gggrrrr! Awesome workout!!!

Heather Bowens says:

I ordered a resistance band a couple days ago and I am so excited to use these exercises to try it out and feel the burnnnn! I subscribed! Feel free to help another small youtuber out 🙂 xo

Valerie Thompson says:

literally bought resistance bands an hour ago! so excited to try these out! 💓

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