British Heart Foundation – Using Resistance Bands

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A short guide to using resistance bands and six examples of exercises to try.

We recommend at least two strength type exercises a week to help your health.

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kamal faruk says:

Brilliant video.

Michele P says:

LOVE! i can carry them around with me in my hand-bag, they weigh nothing and wip them out in the middle of a walk or when no-one's around , ….anytime!!!…., i can just do exercises off the top of my head so there's no separate exercise time, only changing the way i'd usually move on alternative days. Bands are extension of chi as if growing other limbs. It's a blessing for women as we don't need metal weights Nor do older women need to loose muscle and become decrepit

Jays G. says:

This Fit Simply Exercise Bands is now $8.95 on Amazon

Cee Bee says:

I cannot do a lot of exercising as a result of Vertigo. It's disabled me, but I can do this!!!! Thanks

Citrine42 says:

I know this video is old, but I appreciate it nonetheless! I just got my resistance bands, because weights r too bulky at home and I can't go to the gym all the time. thx for the full body workout!!

Ashani Jayakody says:

How many sets should we do from each exercise?

Lakshay Awana says:

Squats are done wrong, you were moving you knees too much..they need not much so that you use your quads.

Clint Wolf says:

Great exercises. Thanks.

Gordon Steeves says:

thank you for this short concise video, I am ordering a kit from Amazon here in Canada, and being an old guy, I just found out what I can do with 🙂

Dean Harrington says:

I have been using resistance bands for years, they are very versatile and can target many muscle groups. My favorites are from ( )they are durable and reliable which I can't say for a lot of fitness products out there.

Rider Milan says:

Awesome tips… Thank you

Teacher Chil says:

awesome….so straightforward, no ados…really nice….

one question: can I use one of those resistance "ropes" made of silicone that actually have handles?

ZestHomeFitnessLtd says:

Useful exercises which anyone can do at home.

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