Brutal HIIT Ladder Workout – 20 Minute HIIT Workout at Home

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lior herman says:

What do you guys think about this work out – in home equipment?

harve2710 says:

Fuckin brutal

Emiliano Carrillo says:

Doing 20 mins of intense exercise each day at 5 am, this is perfect, thanks! Really hard

Paula L says:

If it’s your first time doing this and you are in really bad shape try doing 30 25 20 15 10, so you train your body doing the exercises correctly and not damaging yourself doing more on incorrect shape cause of extrem fatigue this is a tip my box teacher told me

Alicia says:

Almost 8 years later and still the best HIIT workout to ever exist. Doesn't matter how in-shape you are, it gets you every time

Saurabh Ghodke says:

even my phone died watching this workout!

Paul Goh says:

1) dude almost lost his balance during the leg swing 1min 20 sec in
2) there is no log that makes you jump like that
3) dude has no idea how long 20sec should be (it should be +40 sec more at least)
4) his mini me that pops up as preview is fitter than the real thing and is actually a real life midget twin.
5) dude navel flashes everyone during high kicks.
6) didn’t realize that during burpees he farts (was too disorientated at the moment)

A seriously brutal workout ! I do it 4 times a week! Thanks dude!

QueenS Mbako says:

Yep! Love this hiit workout, after 5mins, I was like is this a warmup? Love it! 20mins is just enough! I love how he breaks it down. Thank you

Gemuruh Wirayudha says:

I almost die after doing this for 15 minutes

nicolo mata says:

I was able to follow this vid until the end when i was younger. Five years later, here I am dying after the warmup wtf

Mike M. says:

First day I tried this I had diarrhea… so yup, I felt that burning feeling.

Mike M. says:

For those who think that times goes by super fast, I dare you to do this full workout twice. You will feel the eternal… 20 last seconds…

Mike M. says:

I've been doing this 4 times a week for the last 2 months. I hate it. But it's working.

Dhruvil Gohel says:

Don't try doing this workout as a whole in your first time. You will have to amputate those legs🥵🥵

Sohan J says:

Had to call 911 after 5 mins

amber blond says:

What a great workout! Amazing work feel like I have completed workout for the year 😂

Robert Helbig says:

Welcome to hell!!! Great job!!! 🙂

baz p1975 says:

This a tough fat burner, tried lots but keep coming back to this. Very simple but gets you sweating.

The Zone says:

Uuff i Can’t breath

Yoush hh says:

These are amazing. keep it up <3

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