Build a Big Chest at Home Using Only Resistance Bands

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You can build a big chest without the gym, right in your own home. This is a complete muscle building workout, using only resistance bands, that you can do anywhere – at home, on vacation, or outdoors.

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James Grage
RBT – Resistance Band Training

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Anuradha shabadi says:

Very helpfull, thankyou

אוהד אילוז says:

thank for the vidio amazing woekout
and whta i found cheaply you wolcome all

paulydaku says:

All these fitness creators have Baller ass cribs.

60FramesOrBust says:

Thanks for the fantastic videos James

I’m jealous of your house man, jeez that place looks like a compound. Congrats on your success

omar22 333 says:

Im all for the bands.. the only thing im struggling with is should i buy these or a set of 40-50 dollars different name brand type of bands. I dont know if i want to spend 131 dollars loool.. if anyone can help thanks

AW Wi says:

Hi James quick question- how long do these bands generally last if you use them 4-5 times a week?

Simon Drouin says:

How do I place the band between shoulder blade and bicep if I have none of those?

The Hunger man says:

So.. I have just bought some of these, but I got the tube ones question is which is better?

Jeffrey Jacovino says:

I don’t like the band smacking my junk. Nope.

stay focused says:

Do I always have to train the same side first for the individual exercises?…so for example first 3 sets of 15 repetitions with the right arm and then 3 sets with the left arm? And if so, how many seconds break between the sets?

Or can I do the sets alternately with my right and left arm, so that the unused arm has a break during each?

I would appreciate an answer 😉

Great video series. Keep it up! 🙂

Free Fallin' says:

So, after weeks of lockdown and no gym I ordered a quality set of resistance bands. I had to try something. I have just tried using these and this was my first routine, and if anyone is in doubts whether to buy a (quality) set let me say, I struggled to complete this. I'm writing this comment the morning after and I have that lovely training ache I've so missed. I was sceptical if these would be of any benefit but I really feel like I have had a session. Thanks for your video, even though I only stumbled upon it due to covid19 crisis. I've just gone through the rest of your videos and put together routines for back, shoulders, legs, and arms. 👍

Philippe says:

Good exercices, but video is way too long for only 4 variations.

Chris Szaroleta says:

James, have you ever tried doing the push ups without wrapping the bands around your shoulders? It is much harder when you wrap the bands around your upper body under your arm pits.. Try it and see how much harder it can be.. Great video!!

Stefan Prole says:


They are awesome i love them so much because they are simple to you and you can gain great muscle. I love them so much. I got my at trainhome shop (check on google)🏆

Monica Pederson says:

would you ever consider doing a real time back or chest workout? it would be great to follow along!

Nicklas Nylander says:

Tried this out today. One of the best chest workouts I've ever had. It something about the bands that makes it click for me, I find where I'm able to connect to the right muscle and really feel it! Great vid. Totally subscribed for more!

Pete Bondurant says:

Enjoying the content James. Have used light bands for awhile to do face pulls as a warmup and heavier bands for good mornings during warmup. Such a simple thing, but never thought to wear gloves since I have never lifted withy them. Will definitely try it as that has discouraged me from doing lots of reps of rows and pull downs with them. Can I ask how come you don't make an X with the band on your back when doing push-ups? Just for speed between sets?

Marlowe Welles says:

Just finished the workout you explain in the video. My chest is on fire… never feel this sensations after a normal chest workout… the non perpendicular stance for the "incline press" is just genius trick!

Ken O'Hearn says:

I just want to say thank you!! This band workout is badass. I am a true believer now. It was intense, pump was amazing and the overall core involvement kept the heart rate up. I absolutely loved it

Prajwal Mehandale says:

Listen it in 0.5x 😜😂

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