BUILD BOOTY & TONE LEGS – 10 minute LOWER BODY burn (resistance bands optional!) | Rebecca Louise

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Time to tone your butt & legs with my NEW resistance band workout!! 💪🏻There is an extra BURN you get with this workout! Need a pair of resistance bands? 🙋🏽‍♀️ 20% off my bands and an exclusive workout here

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4spurta says:

The intro music video with random shots was such a waste of time . The rare times videos cut to the chase are ones truly appreciated

Haleigh Herkimer says:

Rebecca you are the best

Victoria Rebers says:

Where are her leggings from??

Milan Milanovic says:

Nice stuff!

Vivian Dohlen says:

omg I just bought some resistance bands and this is the best workout I have done with them by far!!! Thank you!!!

Paola Bracciani says:

Shut up…..pleaseeeee

Emy Borgi says:

using two resistance bands and having a good nutrition(high proption of proteins)will I have bigger booty?

Kalifornia Santana says:

I didn’t have bands, but I used weights during the bridges!

Calaney Flowers says:

Interested in starting a resistant band program. Not sure where to get a cheap but effective band. Im a beginner so I wud love your help… any suggestions? dnt wanna have buyers remorse. Would love your feedback.

patti P says:

I can feel the booty burn after this work out. Love the detail instructions along the routine!

Ελπιδα Καρφοπουλου says:


Kateřina Kukurdíková says:

Hi, if I want to tone bootty, more like grow bootty a bit, will this help or do I have to use those really heavy weights?

Ελπιδα Καρφοπουλου says:


Sarah Jane says:

Loved this workout! Plus love how you stay positive throughout it!

Ελπιδα Καρφοπουλου says:


Ελπιδα Καρφοπουλου says:


Ελπιδα Καρφοπουλου says:


Ελπιδα Καρφοπουλου says:


Maria V says:

You keep me going <3

Ελπιδα Καρφοπουλου says:


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