Build Muscle With Only Bodyweight Workouts?

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Can you build muscle, size and strength with only bodyweight workouts? YES
For more hypertrophy use slow and controlled movements with focused mind muscle connection.
For strength use explosive type movements going as fast as possible.

And then, logically, eat more calories. You are the resistance so as your weight goes up so does your muscular size and strength as long as you maintain or beat your previous exercise performance goals. This is the “positive loophole” of bodyweight training.

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Wow, you are super fit!

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L K says:

The most important thing in doing bodyweight exercises is to do slow reps. Number of reps in not important. Quality of the reps is the key.
Slower reps = gains

Sourav Mishra says:

Very logical…. But how do I eat lot in 8hr window…. My religion practice intermittent fasting

Duarte Mata says:

0:54 HAHA

Mario Vilchez says:

100% Right, I love your videos bro, very informative!

Kolo Yuji says:

0:55 givvit to me, babey…uuhh

Mandatory Thrive HG with Body Movers says:

I agree 100% did similar definitely agree with no weights

Grant Talisic says:

Is it okay to workout everyday using bodyweight? Please answer ASAP

Emily Jenkins says:

This is irrelevant but you look just like Mickey Gall

Dean Winchester says:

Asics + adidas = gainzzzz

Soniii says:

0:54 push ups like this 😂😂😂wtf

durgur PFC says:

Can I add muscle and strenght at the same time if I do one rep slowly and one rep exsplosivly and loop it

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