Calisthenics Intermediate Workout At Home (Full Routine)

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Have you been looking for an intermediate calisthenics workout you can do at home? If so, this video is for you. I outline the next step after my beginner calisthenics routine so you can move on from full body circuits to a logically structured split routines.

Split routines allow you to hit each muscle group (or movement) with more volume and specificity. And in this upper body / lower body split, we divide the upper body day into different movements (horizontal and vertical push/pull) as well as the lower body day (squat, lunge & calf raise). This allows you to hit the muscle groups with more volume than the beginner routine, making it ideal for building muscle and strength at home.

You don’t need weights or fancy equipment to do this intermediate calisthenics routine. It can be done at home with a few simple pieces of equipment. In case you’re interested, here’s the equipment I personally use:

Dip station:
Pull-Up Bar:
Resistance Bands:

I hope the routine is helpful for you!


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Complex Concept says:

Hi! Can you share hip hinges progressions?

Chompers 5 says:

Absolute gold mate, cheers

Sumit Parmar says:

Loved the presentation as well as the idea!….just needed to add some more core exercises !
Great going mate 💪

Ted R Nelson says:

"Do you like this type of videos?"
Absolutely. They're great because we learn the reason behind the structure of workout routines, not just the exercises themselves. This is extremely useful information so thank you for making these videos.

Mike's Music Method says:

excellent video and resource. I find the entire routine too time consuming and I end up way to sore by the end of the week. My tweak: I simply do one upper body super set and one lower body super set each day. That's day 1. Day 2 is another upper and lower super set. Day 3 another upper and lower. Because there are 3 upper and 3 lower body supersets it's a perfect 3 day routine. Day 4 is rest and rinse. Then you begin the 4 day cycle again.
I LOVE this basic idea of supersetting a push with a pull. And the simple idea of push pull up, push pull out, push pull down. Very easy to remember and group together.
thanks, man!

Rodel Cano says:

man finally i found a very helpful video about full routines! keep it up!

Lucas Martinez says:

J-Johnny Sins?!

Unaverage Guy says:

Why supersets?

kai peche says:

Its the perfect Routine for me.
Thank you so much for your professionell skilled Videos!
Well done

Robert Boileau says:

For the upward vertical push do you think a decline push up (using lebert equalizer XL to raise the legs) could be a replacement for the pike push up? Are enough of the same muscles worked?

Ruchika Ratatnayake says:

love it
Nothing left behind

bauklo says:

Glad I found this no fuss routine. Big Thanks!

Mario Abd El Ahad says:

Ohh man, you don’t know how much you helped me.
I wanted to train at home for so long now, but i never understood the process and it always looked complicated .
But when you explained it and you broke it down, everything just became so clear and simple.
Thanks a lot, you are helping a lot of people like me.

Viral Amin says:

Ryan, I do like it when you show the full routine, in this intermediate and the earlier beginner. My suggestion is to create videos focused on specific exercises and then apply a tag indicating their level and muscle group. People can then use a video like this one, which shows how to build a routine, to build one fitting their needs.

Andrei Radulescu says:

I am thinking of doing a routine where I combine push+squat in one day and pull/hinge in the other day, but I have a question:
How should one go about integrating barbell deadlifts and/or romanian deadlifts in this routine? Should I replace the good morning with deadlifts one week and romanian deadlifts the other? Or should I do both and remove the bridge as well?

I'm a bit confused about the hip extension/flex exercise dichotomy and also hip/knee joint exercise.

Thank you for all!

Andrei Radulescu says:

I love your routines!

Jacob Adams says:

Hey sir I'm intrested in doing more calisthenics and functional movement things with my body weight still do weight lifting and my strength level I think is high for calisthenics I've done like 10 wall push ups and can hold a do 10 second or more handstand head stand much longer no wall can flip backwards on the bar and also do l sit pull ups and can do one arm push ups and all that most I've done pull ups wise is 12 reps which program would you recommend for me.!!

Me Who says:

I have a question when am i intermediate?

Mister Wierdo says:

Hey, I was wondering if I could substitute the exercise from this video with the Inverted hang. I don't have those bars, and I couldn't find any alternative inverted hangs on YouTube. Do these work and accomplish the same thing as the inverted hang?

The Bearded Seeker says:

i've been trying the handstand pushups but every time i do it my right arm gets real tight, the veins start bulging, and it almost feels like it's going to explode. is that normal? it kinda freaks me out.

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