Calisthenics Leg Workout ( NO EQUIPMENT )

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Join Chris Heria in a Calisthenics Leg Workout that you can do at home or anywhere because it requires NO Equipment! build strength & Muscle with this Body weight Routine! & for more workouts from Chris Heria visit and download the HERIA Pro App in the App Store!

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colekmiller1 says:

Dude I started this workout after my gym was closed for all this virus bullshit…I've been lifting religiously for about 5 years and am a pretty swole dude…this workout kicked my ass…the endurance it takes is on another level from weights alone…never knew you could get this good of a workout outside of a gym.Thanks for the awesome content to keep me going during this time!!!

Lorenzo Sanchez says:

you can't put your feet where people will sit

- RedShadow - says:

I wanna try that out, from now i'm gonna repeat it every day;)

Kurts Mommy says:

I tried this workout with ankle weights and i thought "wow this is my new favorite leg workout!" Then he said you have to do 3 more rounds i was like oh hell no 😰 haha

maheswari Bisht says:

Rest between sets and in the end plz tell fast.

Luis reynoso says:

I tried the box jump on my bed, missed my target then face planted my bed

Zapan Trader says:

song at 4:00????????/

jonyjeny200413 says:

Parece que te as saltado la cuarentena porque en todo el vídeo no ah salido ninguna persona jajaj 😬

RipCity says:

The full neck tat was such a bad idea. Not a good look.

Unstoppable Force says:

Yo man what a killer workout could do 2 sets then i died

Michael W says:

Yea… 3 more rounds to go…

Nicholas Santiago says:

Made it to curtsy lunge round 1. My legs can’t do more rn

Edgar Rodriguez says:

With this can i increase legs?

{ Li53 } says:

The best fitness blogger in YouTube
Respect ❤️

InfinityGab 17 says:

Guys, let me ask. Can this exercise increase my vertical jump/broad jump????

Aakolick GP says:

Quick question. So I have pathetic legs, no doubt about it. If I did this workout consistently for a week (one rest day in between each workout), could I build significant leg mass?

Jac K says:

No legs

Stick legs

steve kim says:

Pistol squats are something else

Kirk Li says:

Why the fuck do the squat jumps tear my shit up

Matthew Parsons says:

Squat jumps (20)
Sumo walks (20)
Curtsy lunges (10 each leg)
Box jumps (12)
Alternating toe taps (20)
Assisted pistol squats (10 each leg)
Calf raises (20)
Back and forth lunges (5 each leg)

Repeat (x3)

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