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Tired of lifting weights? Time to switch to Calisthenics. A workout which involves motor movements performed as bodyweight exercises! These exercises will leave you winded, push you to your absolute limits and unleash the beast within! But in the end, it’ll all be worth it!

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pinaki chaudhary says:

Bro what is that wrist band for?plzz do reply

Sameer Gautam says:

Bhai kya tumhari body par cuts calisthenics se hi aye hain ?

Hindustani Xbox Gamer says:

Thank you but how long would it take if you do it regularly?

Adam says:

Sir main ghar pe workout karta hoo kuch barbell dumbbell rod ke saath weight plates hai 20 kg jo total hai lekin ab wo mujhe light lagte hai toh pls main calisthenic se strong body banana chahta hoo lekin mujhe samajh nahi aata ki kaun sa home workout routine follow karu main pistol squat laga leta hoo toh push ups aur chin ups mein kaun sa variation rakhna hai pls bataye ya workout.routine hi bataye

Abhishek Nair says:

callisthenics is the future!

Drunkviper says:

Bhai comment pe reply krna, bahut jaruri hai mere lie , aur bahut website YouTube trainer se puch lia aab same apse bhi puchna hai no reply from them please help,just need suggestion for something

Sunil Kumar says:


shubham behl says:

Bro all is good but that thing u said that ur toes should not be coming out away from knees is not the correct thing, it's a myth coz if somebody's having long legs would be having long femur bone so it would definitely comes away from toes and it doesn't mean that he or she would be performing squats in a wrong way.🙂

click candid says:

Toes se kness aage kyu ni jane chahiye

Ayush Agrawal says:

Hey Askmen ! Because of Corona, I have to discontinue my Gym. And even the parks are closed. Can you please make a special video for gym goers like us who could save themselves from the withdrawal symptoms of not gyming, and which could be done in the home?

Webcity says:

I want to say something on the squats u can't do a full with the knees don't crossing ur toes that's actually a wrong
Right way is how u sit on a hindu toilet and stand up that's the right squats

IT dosent matter ur knees are going outside ur toes crossing it or not

For people who have bigger thighs it will happen, thing is ur heal shouldn't come up and u have to stand through ur core and through ur heel
And go down by not through bending ur knees, it's as simple as sitting on chair bed sofa or a hindu toilet

Knees and toes one is a complexity thing which various gym trainers are telling which is actually wrong as u re self taught it can happen just like u said the pull up thing.
No hate Nothin just my opinion, i m not an expert.

Shinam Khan says:

Sir.i am a girl..Merese pushup ekdum nhi hota sir…Idk..mere hand bhut weak feel hoti😭

Prashanta Sahu says:

Thank you🙏💕

Pankaj Mehta says:

Sir ye regular karne hai ya nhi sari

Sandeep Nagarkoti says:

In squats toes se knee Bahar nahi Jana chahiye is a myth… pl check your sources of knowledge again

santosh kumar singh says:

its a nice place

Lov Baroniya says:

Love it sir

Abhay Pandey says:

Thanks for making these video😊


I'm 14 and I am self taught..
I can do 37
push-ups with in 30 sec..
And I'm an indian

Anup Nerkar says:

Sir please mention how many sets should be done??

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