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Johnny Doe says:

I tried the workout while pausing the video throughout so I could time everything properly and I got my ass kicked (just started working out again so it makes sense). Definitely need to try this one consistently!

Sincerely B says:

Nope. I hated this workout. But I did it anyways LOL Thanks!

Reid Schubert says:

Howzit brother. When you say 3×10 and 30 sec rest, does that mean 30 reps straight then 30 rest?

Aaron Charles says:

Can I get your guys honest opinion on if I should start training at age 13. If not what age is appropriate

GamesInV says:

Now, are you doing them all, as in every exercise in a row? or are you doing like, wall stand 1 set > pushup 1 set> ect. Or you doing all three sets of one exercise?

wouldn’t you like to know says:

I can get through everything except for the 90 consecutive push ups. I get stuck on the last set, is it okay to do it later in the day or should I just push myself?

Black Diamonds says:

I can’t do that advanced stuff! ….😒 onto the next one☝🏾

Mohamad Miari says:

My first day so harddd

Hz___ says:

Bro the backround sound is uhhhh killer

Rockengy - says:

Yow very impressive physique but you defenetly have to work on your frontlever buddy, keep it up 💪

Mohamad Miari says:

Thank u ♥️

habibbi alikafe says:

Positivity radiates from you. I'm sure it comes from a healthy lifestyle, healthy mindset, and some good vitamin D!

A1 Angling says:

when should I know when to switch my workout?

Disbounded x says:

That was very nice but there's nothing for legs

Brixio Molina says:

Bro is it okay if i can only max 20 secs on wall handstands??? i dont know if im scared or i just can't really do it long enough

Random Guy says:

Does this also help reduce fat ?

Blaž Ljubljana says:

Every beginner workout

Guy: alright so what you wanna do is 80 hand stand push ups and 100 pull ups 2000 sit ups you should do this about for 18 to 20 sets

Me: (eating a bigmac) seems easy enough

Juan Duran says:

Lol, I got some huge cramps on my legs from just the warm-ups, barely did any exercise so I'm starting here

SlickBackSamurai says:

Do you do 10 for each side like for toe touches for example? Or just 10 together and that counts as one set?

Uriel Peña says:

Do you rest 30 secs after each 10 you do of the X3
do you rest 30 secs after you complete the whole 3 x 10 as a collective ?

I'm new to this so if y'all can bare with me

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