Can I heal my torn ROTATOR CUFF?

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Chad Madden, Physical Therapist, discusses the potential healing of a torn rotator cuff.

Madden Physical Therapy
5425 Jonestown Road
Harrisburg, PA 17112


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james friel says:

You don't need hands-on physical therapy for a minor rotator cuff injury. I've learned this in my years. My first time I did it, did what the doctors said, and realized that after learning what to do and how to fix it, going into a physical therapist is useless when you can do the same basic things at home. Sure, if your insurance pays for it, go for it, but there is NO reason to pay to go to someone for stretching when you can do it at home. Plenty of youtube videos from doctors showing you the exercises to do at home. It usually takes 3 months of stretching (forward, sideways, behind the back) to get your muscles stretched out for full range of motion. Minor tears heal up in about a week, it's just painful after that. You need to stretch to get the muscles back into order.

james friel says:

1) You cannot heal a rotator cuff tear. Muscles don't regrow. What happens with minor tears is the tear part fades while you strengthen the surrounding muscles. Muscles can grow, not reheal. By stretching, exercise, you make the muscles around the small tear stronger and they take up the slack. Most small tears, which most people get, don't require surgery and you can get full motion back in a few months with proper stretching. I've had 2 of them both on the right shoulder, small tears. 3 months of stretching back to full motion.

Naya T says:

You can try programs like the one in Treat Your Own Rotator Cuff at Amazon – some can be pretty effective.

Marilyn Marcelli says:

Thanks this helped me 4 years ago and now it’s the other side.

TheGuess2D says:

Yeah i do care about getting my strength back, i want to bench and overhead press again soon..

Ulf Åkerström says:

You are à real bluff?

Jordan Glenn says:

This video has given me hope. Thank you!

gman57op anti-mason says:

ive cured every physical pain in my body with exercise. asthma has been cured. for my hip pain instability which was a deformity and progressed into hip pain after a car accident i required a surgury with only and anchor implant. just a few weeks out from the surgury im back to lifting lightweights. ive had many many injuries and pain ive been able to cure by correct light resistance exercise. i think i got a tear back in 2015 when i did a wrestling lift wrong and its harder to sleep sometimes. it will take years for a tendons joint ligament whatever to reattach. but i can do it espcailly if its close to where it should be and being used properly with respect.. ill be damned if i cannot heal a complete tear with lifting. ive got 100% movement back in the shoulder now. it still hurts. but what alot of people who lift heavy within 10 years of starting their weightlifting dont know is that joints ligaments and tendons stregthen much slower than muscles do. LIGHT Weight LIFTING IS AMAZING. tbh i feel like crying. im pretty much painless. i am painless. except for shoulder at night time. but it is actually getting better. ILL BE DAMNED IF I CANNOT CURE THIS WITH EXERCISE I BELIEVE CANCER CAN BE CURED WITH RESISTANCE TRAINING. as you can imagine my pain is in my rear delt area because i was doing a lift.

Inderpal Rajput says:

Hello sir plz will u help me , my father is suffering with shoulder pain , he not able to put his arm upwrd , MRI scan shows his right shoulder legament is fully tear ,

All doctors said it's need to opperate but they not give any graunty for recovery

Plz give any suggestions on my mail

web browsing says:

last month i had complete shoulder ligament trear, and doctors suggested surgery, can my problem can be treated without surgery ? i cant lift my arm . please reply

Cole Tamburelli says:

At a warehouse in August I picked up big wide heavy 60lb box. I'm 5"1 so I'm short. The box I had to outstretch my arms to try to lift it. I was afraid to ask for help. I struggled to bring the box up near neck level even struggling to use my thigh to help assist. After with everything else I needed to do every box I tried to pick up after I noticed pain and my right shoulder weakening or giving out to where my left arm /shoulder had to try to compensate and hold most of the weight. My right hand or shoulder is my dominant side and my left is non dominant. Well even tho I noticed during that time I tried not to make a big deal and figured I just pulled a simple muscle. Ok so as days pass I still have the same issue. Even with other certain movements like lifting a rail up and down… Putting my arm behind my back, pulling or pushing a chair in or out, When I would put my seat belt on…. Truing to shower or comb my hair by reaching up or behind my back… Putting a coat on or clothes on…. Normal daily things I once could do with no problem suddenly became painful after the time I picked up the box I described. Whenever I would pick up something with my right hurt side and stretched my arm hand out to my side let's say with a can of water bottle compared to my left my right shoulder felt weaker than the other and has this feeling of wanting to "give out or drop". While my left arm shoulder cam move in every direction just fine my right has pain. When I sleep its worse. At the time when I reported it after days of trying to brush it off like it was something small…I got sent to clinic and they asked me how I was feeling I told them I assume I pulled a muscle. Well fast forward til now February 1st months later I still have pain a tinnnny bit less but its still there. I can no longer lift something like I used to and its more sensitive to pain and have to be even more careful then before but it doesn't take much to agitate it. Its affecting me with jobs since most warehouses lift up to at least 50lbs. Even at 20 and up I still have to watch it. I still have not got medical treatment as I'm in shockingly a financial crisis since nothing has worked out since then. I am now aware something is up. I really want my life back and shoulder back. I want to be able to lift and exercise like I used to and go to the gym and just be 100% normal again. What do I do??????

geeta vc says:

Hi my MRI shows Thick tear for 1cm. Doc suggest surgery. Can I avoid surgery

100percent Successrate says:

1:23 wow he nailed it! This is exactly what I'm going through..l hv an impedgment.

Now that you explained it perfectly well..why watch other vids on this topic. This is all the info I needed.

I been on Advil and the pain is lessening. I tried to communicate this with doctors but they just don't want to hear what I HV to say or answer my questions.

So do orthopedics make lots of money off this issue,I bet they are banking when ppl could prob pop it and open up themselves. No one want go through that scapel and cut through skin tissue stuff🤕😷

By the way , doc it doesn't help hvn these long string bean arms with little muscle.

Liam Whitney says:

If your pain persists longer than a year and worsens, the cheapest and wisest thing to do is have X-Rays taken of your shoulders. This will give you (and the Physician) a better idea of the situation. An MRI is much, much better (and expensive) but you'll have to start with a simple X-Ray. I'm glad I did.

barcaman101 says:

Think I tore mine in the gym 3 years ago doing military press ,I have pain in all the ways you said .

Steve Motry says:

I'm 64 live alone,and they say I have a small tear,and said it will be 6 to 8 months.WOW and I'm right handed hurts when I tuck my t-shirt in the back.its hard to sleep on my right side,because I always put my arm under pellow.I can deal with most the pain.I would love to not have the surgery,but do the right amount of therapy if I knew which ones to do.

Joeybabbs .BABBS says:

due to motor cycle accident there is not space between the top of the arm bone and the acromium

SSC 100 % says:

Sir during gym my shoulder go back and a pop sound I hear after that. I have pain in my shoulder and what I do

Meow meow says:

My physical therapist only give me a medicine not massage or what but my xray is normal

SUP POLY says:

thank u.great video and very informative

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